“F1 Should Stay Focused In Europe” – Where Else Do They Go?

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    I wonder if a race at Circuit de la Sarthe (Le Mans) would work in a modern F1 car…

    The race would only be about 23 laps, but I don’t really know if the its length would be the circuits only limiting factor!


    Max Jacobson

    It wouldn’t be within current FIA regulations Le Mans (13.6km is way longer than the roughly 7.5km limit IIRC) but I wonder if it would get a special dispensation like Monaco for it being a historic racetrack? I don’t think access for stricken cars is a problem as the infrastructure is there from endurance racing but perhaps it wouldn’t be up to F1 standards (although that said, the WEC is an FIA-sanctioned event).


    Colm Lynn

    A lot of the races in Europe have tradition over the new modern circuits a little else.
    The old Hockenheimring had “Character” as it was a unique layout on the calendar, similar to Monza nowadays. Most european F1 circuits are pretty ordinary Silverstone apart from the Maggots Beckets sequence of corners is a pretty ordinary circuit old or new.
    France I feel is one of maybe 4 countries that deserves a race, while Magny-Cours is pretty mundane it served a purpose in hosting the French gp. A circuit located on the outskirts of Paris as suggested a few years ago would turn the french gp into one of the best attended (120k) and a highlight on the calendar.

    Europe, apart from Austria which is coming back does not need anymore races, especially if F1 is limited to 20 races a year. I would much rather have a Mexico gp, New Jersey and South Africa and Possibly Thailand before another european round.



    I don’t agree on Thailand. Like Korea and India I wouldn’t expect big audience there. I also don’t get why they’re racing at Bahrain where just the royal family is attending the race. It’s not really a big market for the manufacturers.



    I think a gran prix in Greece would be fantastic. Are there any venues?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    No. And there is no money to pay for it.

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