F1 shows heart !

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    Watching the Melbourne race now, much respect to the different teams and drivers showing support to japan on their helmets and cars. Great job guys !

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    Yea, lovely stuff really :)

    I hope Japan managed to catch their boy out on track, he did them proud again.

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    The whole thing was a PR exercise .

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    Fraid so… especially when you remember near neighbour to Australia, NZ, was smashed with an Earthquake too recently.

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    Although a tragedy, the Christchurch earthquake isn’t even remotely comparable to the Japan disaster. There were nearly 100x as many fatalaties, a nuclear mess and dozens of settlements completely wiped off the map.

    I’m glad that minute happened. Good to show that a sport as self-centric as F1 can look outwards.

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    To say it was a PR exercise is pathetic…F1 is massive in japan, I say so with experience I lived there for years and my wife is japanese.

    The stickers didn’t say “donate to japan” they said pray for japan, no doubt a number of those japanese who lost their lives/homes/familys would have been F1 fans.

    Hearts out to N.Z. too, with no offence but in comparison the japanese quake was significantly worse..

    With F1’s global audience of millions, its a great way to display humanitarian compassion.

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