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F1 discussion

F1 Team’s Best Cars


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    Lucas Wilson

    Easy topic, just name what you think was the best car you think that a F1 team (past or present) has produced.


    Ferrari: F2002, 2002
    McLaren: MP4/4, 1988
    Williams: FW14B, 1992
    Red Bull: RB9, 2013
    Lotus: B195 (as Benetton), 1995
    Mercedes: BGP 001 (as Brawn), 2009
    Sauber: F1.08, 2008
    Force India: 199 (as Jordan), 1999
    Toro Rosso: STR3, 2008
    Caterham: CT01, 2012
    Marussia: MR02, 2013


    HRT: F111, 2011
    Toyota: TF05, 2005
    Super Aguri: SA07, 2007
    Arrows: A10B, 1988
    Prost: JS11/15 (as Ligier), 1980
    Tyrrell: 003, 1971
    Lola: T97/30, 1997
    Forti: FG03, 1996

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    Ferrari: F2002
    McLaren: MP4/4
    Williams: FW14B
    Red Bull: RB7
    ‘Mercedes': BGP001
    ‘Lotus': B194

    Bugatti: 35
    Alfa Romeo: 158
    Maserati: 250F
    Mercedes: W196
    Cooper: T51
    Lotus: 72
    BRM: P261
    Tyrrell: 006
    Brabham: BT19

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    Ferrari: F2004, 2004
    McLaren: MP4-4, 1988
    Williams: FW14B, 1992
    Red Bull: RB7, 2011
    Lotus: R26 (Renault F1), 2006
    Mercedes: BGP001 (Brawn GP), 2009; W196 (Daimler-Benz) 1955, 1956.
    Sauber: F1.08 (BMW) 2008
    Force India: 199 (Jordan), 1999
    Toro Rosso: STR3, 2008
    Caterham: CT01, 2012
    Marussia: MR02, 2013

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    If you’re going to play fast and loose with the name ‘Mercedes’ because of F1 continuity, ignoring that the W196 is definitively the best car regardless, several Tyrrells and the Matra were actually more successful than the Brawn.

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    Lucas Wilson

    Tyrrell, contrary to popular belief, is not related to BAR-Honda-Brawn-Mercedes. The only thing BAR got from Tyrrell was a race license.

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    Brabham: BT46B
    Project 4: MP4/4
    Alfa Romeo:158
    Cooper: T51, and the Mini Cooper (though the latter didn’t race in F1, obviously)

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    A few of the current teams:

    Ferrari: F2002 – So good it nearly ruined F1.
    McLaren: MP4/8 – McLaren’s prettiest creation and it managed to nab 5 wins off of the FW15C, so it was handy.
    Williams: FW14B – Will there ever be a more crushingly dominant car?
    Sauber: C12 – As pretty as it was quick, welcome to F1 Sauber!

    A few of my favorite historic teams:

    Arrows: A18 – Ahem, my avatar. And it almost won them a race.
    Ligier: JS 11/15 – Ground effect nearly at its best.
    Matra: MS80 – The best car JYS ever drove apparently.
    Jordan: 191 – Same as the C12, what a way to announce your presence in F1!
    Brabham: BT52B – Gordon Murray genius + BMW nuclear bomb = WDC

    Profile photo of Lucas Wilson
    Lucas Wilson


    I kinda meant performance wise, but that is a good idea too

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    @full-throttle-f1 So do I. Those cars are all the best produced by the teams I have mentioned in my book, given the strength of the opposition and the results they achieved. The fact that they are all aesthetically pleasing is a bonus. If we all went for the cars that got them their best results on paper we’d all end up with the list you produced. ;) There are WDC and WCC winners in that list. The only odd one I suspect is the MP4-8, which I always maintain is an incredible car which was more than capable of keeping the Williams honest at times, even though the FW15C was so superior.

    Profile photo of Kingshark

    1. 375 F1 (1952)
    2. F2002
    3. F2004

    1. MP4/4 (1988)
    2. MP4/5 (1989)
    3. MP4/14 (1998)

    1. FW14B (1992)
    2. FW18 (1996)
    3. FW15C (1993)

    Red Bull
    1. RB9 (2013)
    2. RB7 (2011)
    3. RB6 (2010)

    1. Lotus 25 (1963)
    2. Lotus 33 (1965)
    3. Lotus 79 (1978)

    1. Benetton B195
    2. Renault R25
    3. Renault R26

    1. Brawn GP 2009
    2. WO4 Mercedes
    3. 2004 BAR Honda

    1. BMW 2008
    2. BMW 2007
    3. C31 (2012)

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