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F1 Testing: Timings and What they mean

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    As we all know, the times that are produced during the testing means diddly squat, as teams Sandbag and do extremely light fuel runs. However, if we look at the timings today (Day 1) Red Bull will win, Force India are going to be title contenders, even without releasing a 2011 car! What do you think, if we were to take the timings with a pinch of salt what would 2011 be like??

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    Are you considering Force India times as an indication of their 2011 performance? Mmm? I knew you weren’t doing it.

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    It would mean that Karthikeyan would post times within the 107% limit. I really doubt he will be able to do it within 110% come saturday quali.

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    The times in themselves aren’t anything to get really excited about. But I guess the interest is outweighed by fancy new cars to look at…then setting on fire!

    That said I do appreciate having the times there just for general reading.

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    I’m pretty sure that Karthikeyan will be inside the 107% and qualify to the races.

    How would the 107% be calculated? From the pole time, or from the first qualifying round?

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    If I remember correctly, it will be calculated from the best Q1 time

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    In that case I strongly believe the HRT will qualify for almost all the races.

    About the topic. The timings just mean one thing:

    – 2011 cars are slower than 2010 cars.

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    …at the moment! Though I guess having both the added weight of KERS plus needing tanks big enough to go the distance…heavy cars!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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