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F1 Fanatics on Twitter

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    Participant I haven’t tweeted for a while but now have twitter on my phone so will check it/ tweet more often.

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    I’m always using it, I tweet about F1 mostly but I do tend to just use it for general chatting and whinging haha. I love Twitter :)

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    Ned Flanders

    Note the two underscope’s… believe it or not, I’m not the only person masquerading as Ned Flanders on Twitter!

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    Mostly a Facebook man, but I have been using twitter alot more than I used to, mainly for the F1 newsbytes that come to my phone. That is very handy.

    Im also on Facebook, if anyone cares.

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    Great idea Damon! I think we’ve done something similar on the older forum, but it’s time to do an updated one :)

    I’m on twitter

    @TommyB89 feel free to add me to your F1F list :)

    P.S. My account is locked on twitter, just send me a request plz!

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    My account is locked on twitter, just send me a request plz!

    woops should of read here first lol, anyway I think I requested

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    Ned Flanders

    Wow LAK I was following you already and I didn’t realise! I didn’t know you were Pearlaceous

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    I’ve added everybody above, hope those who have “private” accounts would accept my request.

    I’ve had twitter just since the testing began this winter to follow up on everyone who tweeted from the tracks; including Keith and Claire-Williams PR.

    I tweet once a day or so.. mostly F1 related stuff / gaming.

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    I follow the race-day f1fanatic feed. Its very handy in AU because we have no practice coverage and way too many ads during the race (same BBC feed though). It seems every time there is some action on track it occurs during an ad break! Luckily I’m kept up to speed via twitter.

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    More F1, BTCC any motorsport really related stuff from me. Mclaren biased I should add! Bit of football stuff too.

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    I just “followed” everyone on this list. Cheers to anyone who followed me. :D

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    I mainly follow people quitely, but I do retweet stuff I think is noteworthy. Twitter is pretty awesome from an F1F point of view, you get loads of quirky behind the scenes stuff.

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    Added all you guys on my other account for my site too.

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    I think I added everyone on that list but if I missed anyone let me know – @dangerHayes


    3 months later and I find this thread is now useful to me. I normally tweet f1 during the weekends, but mine is @SteveMovieVoice . Different I know, but I can make my voice go really deep and apparently it sounds like the guys who do the movie trailer voices. In a world…..

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 112 total)

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