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    Will Buxton blogged about Alex Snell after Monza, but I just discovered Alex’s own travel blog: Great reading. I just read his Singapore recap which was very interesting. He has a pretty unique perspective of the whole F1 circus being an ordinary fan like all of us, but now regularly invited in to the paddock. My hat goes off to him.

    He’s also on Twitter:!/alexjsnell

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    I see you use the new twitter which butchers links

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    I didn’t think I was gonna like the new twitter, but I actually don’t mind most of the new features, and the fact that you can just keep scrolling indefinitely to previous tweets instead of having to click to load 20 more repeatedly is very nice, especially when you miss an F1 session and go back to reed all the tweets in chronology.

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    His Japan recap is pretty impressive, he got into race control!! Keith, you should get Alex to write a guest article for the site to recap his entire season following F1 after Abu Dhabi, I think it would be a good fit!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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