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    Hi guys, help me out please.

    I’m moving into a new flat and an idea is stuck in my head. I want to hang a poster on the wall with picture of Stirling Moss and Juan Emanuel Fangio.

    Have you got any high resolution, poster-worthy pictures that you could share?
    I clearly remember one moment from 2010 BBC’s coverage when Stirling was talking about Fangio and a shot of them both sitting in some silver racing car was shown, it was from late 80’s or early 90′ if i’m not mistaken. That moment really struck me and i’d really like to have something like that on my wall.

    As a side note, high resolution of this picture would be great. Anyone knows how to find it?



    What I’d suggest is going to Google images, searching for ‘Stirling Moss’ or ‘Fangio’ and in the settings change the image size to large or larger than a specific size you’re after.

    I’m not sure how high you want the resolution to be. Here’s a nice one from F1 Fanatic itself of the pair of them:

    Oh and here’s a hi-res version of the Monty Python thing:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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