Favourite BBC F1 Moment?

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    I’m looking for everyone’s favourite BBC F1 Moment, I’m doing compilation of them for F1 Times article. Just throwing some out there, EJ visiting Rubens House, The Forum from the Red Bull pool this year, Barrichello on Top Gear



    Monaco pool party 2010, 2011
    Vettel on top Gear
    Brazil post race 2009, Abu Dhabi post race 2010


    Eddie Jordan dancing around with the Brawn team after Brazil 2009.

    Eddie Jordan throughout the entire 2011 Monaco GP forum.

    Eddie Jordan talking to fans after the Singapore GP 2011.

    Fans chanting “EDD-IE! EDD-IE” after Silverstone 2011.

    Eddie Jordan sticking the boot into Domenicali after Hockenheim 2010.

    The interview with Kamui Kobayashi after the Japanese GP 2010.

    The fan in Hungary 2011 who told Jake “we don’t want Sky”.

    Button’s celebrations after becoming world champion and Vettel’s celebrations after Japan 2011.

    Brundle and DC’s hilarious filling during the Canadian GP red-flag.

    “Oh, all sorts of problems, there!” – Legard, Spanish GP 2009.



    Martin and DC’s chest bump during the Jet-Ski VT with Hamilton and Button – British GP 2011



    I never saw that before. I think the whole VT was brilliant.



    One guy who I think would’ve beaten that time (or at least run it very close) – Ayrton Senna. That guy just loved jetskis. Did it a lot back in Brazil.

    I would’ve shared my favorite BBC moments, but it looks like you’ve covered the lot. :)

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