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Ferrari a “dog of a car”? Maybe not…

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    Ultimately it doesn’t matter who had quicker cars. What matters is who had the quicker reliable car. In Valencia, for all intents and purposes the Ferrari was quicker, because ultimately, the Red Bull had “0” speed at Valencia – it doesn’t matter that he was dropping the pack at a second a lap, because his car couldn’t make the finish.

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    I’m just trying to put some more data and truth into Alonso’s absurd claims that he would have been WDC with slightly slower car than the RB8. And he had an only slightly slower car, in my view. He shouldn’t put the lost championship down to the car, only.
    Alonso was inferior to Vettel in the last 6, 7 races, and that made the difference at the end. I had them VET 4×7 ALO until Monza, and after that VET 7×0 ALO.

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    VET stepped up his performances after the summer break IMO – and IMO his races post-summer break have generally been as flawless as Alonso’s early-mid season performance.

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    The first races were not normal. The Pirelli tyres changed the results. Even Maldonado won a race. This is why Alonso was sometimes faster than Vettel. As the teams understood the tyres Vettel was better, maybe because he had a car which is under normal circumstances faster. Maybe this was given because the Updates at the RB worked very well. For example at the beginning of the year RB had problems with the exhaust but at the end or middle of the season the problems where solved. While RB brought working updates Ferrari failed to deliver. They tested one front wing at many Fridays until it worked. I’d say this development race was won by RB. And this is why Vettel was so strong in the second half. And since he understood the tyres Vettel was faster than his team mate.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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