Ferrari back to Le Mans in 2015?

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    Don’t know if this has been posted anywhere but Auto Motor Und Sport in Germany has reported that the Scuderia could be back at La Sarthe pretty soon…



    Iestyn Davies

    Tbh, Ferrari should be competing at Le Mans, and with all the drivers they have, I can see Kobayashi getting involved with this! Maybe Fisichella and Gene as well?



    I predict that they’ll have Marc Gene and Andrea Bertolini as the main drivers with most, if not all of the AF Corse guys moving over. Definitely the Factory drivers (Fisichella, Bruni, Kobayashi, Beretta). Maybe Fabrizio Giovannardi too, after all, he is one of the company’s test drivers.

    I’d like to see Badoer get the nod too. He develops road cars for them now. I doubt he’ll get a drive though.

    If this does come off, it will be interesting to see who they hire because Ferrari already has more than enough drivers to fill at least two cars so I wonder whether they’ll hire any drivers from other places.


    Yaya Ishaq

    I really would love for this to happen. It think it would be fantastic to see Ferrari vs Audi vs Toyota vs Porsche. Four major car manufacturers battling it out; for Endurance Racing’s sake it would be incredible.

    If this is true(which i kinda doubt it is) I just wonder which drivers they would choose for the team. They would have so many options……..



    I don’t think they will return with a factory team. Maybe they will supply engines and co-develop a car, but I can’t imagine Ferrari thinking it’s a good idea to enter WEC when their F1 team is in trouble with windtunnel calibration and I can’t imagine Toyota Cologne being too happy about Ferrari trying to develop a WEC car in the same windtunnel as their car.

    If they do, they would have to come up with a very good approach to both F1 and WEC, because the way things are going in Scuderia Ferrari right now aren’t a very stable basis for success..

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