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    With Ferrari seemingly wanting to have 3 cars per team, why don’t they do what Red Bull have done and have a second team by either buying one of the smaller teams or applying for the 13th slot on the grid and setting up a new team. Don’t you think it would great to have Alfa Romeo or Maserati on the grid?



    I think they practically have Sauber already.



    I would hate to see that. If I see the Maserati or Alfa names back in F1 I’d like then to be because of a decision from the individual companies rather than Ferrari, and I certainly wouldn’t want either team to race purely to back up another team. I wouldn’t want to see any team do that- 1 is bad enough.



    Because the 2nd team would not help with development of the car, nor bring them any points for the constructors.
    And most likely they will be just as useless to Ferrari as TR is to RB.
    Ferrari want one first driver and two rear gunners. If they have another team to mimic that, it will be bamn hard for that team to build a car that can keep up with the Ferrari when they need it.



    The rules have changed so that the teams have to built separate cars and the such. That’s why Torro Rosso are becoming less useful to RB except for driver development.

    I think Ferrari basically want a third car for testing during race weekends and to put Valentino Rossi in.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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