First race car at Antarctica

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    Fer no.65

    Okay, maybe it’s not as impressive as those Red Bull roadshows, but it’s quite something for us.

    The guys from Turismo Carretera got a Torino in a Hercules aircraft with the Antarctica as destination, being one of the ways to celebrate the 75th birthday of the series. Earlier this month the whole field of cars made a caravan from the Obelisco in Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata, in a 400 km trip that brought back the memories of the racing cars going through towns, opening roads and routes, as in the 40’s, 50’s.

    Some videos:

    With the temperatures below -20C, the car just started in its first try. Then set off guiding some of the guys that have been in the frozen continent for over 11 months now… despite the slippery road and all, it went pretty fast!



    Even in that situation, I’m sure Hamilton would find someone to run in to! xD

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist ;)

    Some say, humor helps relieve trauma.

    On-topic though, that’s quite cool (no pun intended). Since my South American is a little rusty, do you know what modifications were made to have it even run at those temperatures?


    Fer no.65

    Not sure, to be honest…! The engineer responsable for the engine was quite emotional after starting it up, tho, so I guess there was a lot of work involved.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Quick, what’s Bernie’s phone number!?

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