Five-star races

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    Europe, Abu Dhabi, USA, Brazil from 2012, China and Canada from 2011, Australia and Canada from 2010, Brazil from 2008, Europe from 2007, Hungary and China from 2006, Japan from 2005.

    Do you agree with me? Let’s write yours five-star races (based only by entertainment, tension, not by how your favourite driver feared)

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    Lucas Wilson

    I think you have covered most of the recent ‘great’ races.

    Brazil ’09?, China 2012 (watching Kimi getting past by all those cars and Rosberg taking Mercedes first win). Spain 2012.

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    Υοu are very right! I just want to add Japan 2007 and Monza 2010. Not great entertainment but intense races.

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    Brazil 2003, Belgium 2004, Japan 2005, Hungary 2006, Brazil 2006, Canada 2007, Japan 2007, China 2007, Australia 2008, Monaco 2008, Brazil 2008, Italy 2009, Brazil 2009, Australia 2010, China 2010, Canada 2010, Belgium 2010, Singapore 2010, Malaysia 2011, China 2011, Germany 2011, Spain 2012, Europe 2012, Brazil 2012.

    I think of many others which are four or four and half stars, but these are the races where I was most entertained.

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    Surely Spa from 2008 has got to be a five-star race. Hamilton and Kimi going flat out for the whole race and it coming down to those dramatic last few laps were amazing.

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    Germany 2011. A great tussle between 3 different cars. Spa 2008 would be a contender (although the majority of the race wasn’t so thrilling), but it depends how much your enjoyment was reduced by Hamilton’s post-race penalty.

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    Austria 2003? Agree with Monza 2010 as intense as a grand prix gets, no room for error from Alonso and Button.

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    The European (Luxembourg?) GP from 1999 was pretty amazing, the race that no-one wanted to win!

    And 1996 Monaco GP – the race that no-one wanted to finish!

    The 1998 Austrian GP was good too, a storming drive from DC from the back of the pack to finish second (albeit he’d started 14th to boot!).

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    Germany 2011, Abu Dhabi 2012 and Canada 2010 are my best races of the last 3 seasons. Really enjoyable.

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    Year-by-year of every season of F1 I’ve been watching since 2002.

    Australia 2003
    Brazil 2003
    Great Britain 2003
    United States 2003

    Belgium 2004
    Japan 2005
    Hungary 2006
    Germany 2007

    Monaco 2008
    Great Britain 2008
    Italy 2008

    In 2009 we had some good races, but none that stand out as five-star.

    Australia 2010
    China 2010
    Canada 2010
    Korea 2010

    China 2011
    Canada 2011
    Germany 2011
    Hungary 2011

    Malaysia 2012
    China 2012
    Europe 2012
    Brazil 2012
    Abu Dhabi 2012

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    spa 2008 for sure (disregarding the post race stuff)
    monza 2010 definitely for it’s intensity

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    Ben Furtula

    Brazil 2012
    Abu Dhabi 2012
    Valencia 2012
    Barcelona 2012
    Malaysia 2012

    Canada 2011
    China 2011

    Abu Dhabi 2010 (wasn’t a great race but being a championship decider and Petrov holding Alonso all race made it very intense)
    Korea 2010
    Turkey 2010
    Canada 2010
    Australia 2010

    Brazil 2008
    Spa 2008
    Monaco 2008

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    no Spa 1998?…C’mon Surely!

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    Troy Longstaff

    Japan 2005 was one of the most insane race weekends I’ve ever seen!
    Melbourne 2008 and 2010 were special. 2008 because only 7 cars finished (off the top of my head) and the local newspaper came out the next day saying the crash-fest probably renewed interest and saved the race from moving elsewhere. 2010 because you just didn’t know what was going to happen next!
    Brazil 2008 and 2012, Spa 2008, Canada 2011, Malaysia 2012, Valencia 2012, China 2011 and 2012, German GP at Nurburgring in 2011 was a pretty intense battle for the lead and Austin 2012 were all incredible races that stand out!

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    Don’t know how you guys remember so many specific races, my mind must be mush by comparison. Best I can say is that in terms of pure enjoyment (from F1) nothing has quite compared to when Ayrton was racing… Donington ’93 is one memory that stands out, but sadly most of the rest are a bunch of hazy snippets.

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