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F1 discussion

Flag changes for 2013

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    Apparently to avoid confusion next year, the FIA have announced the following revised flag system for all F1 races:

    yellow light blinking every second – hazard on track, no overtaking
    Yellow light turning orange once every three seconds – marshals on track, slow down and be prepared to stop
    Yellow light blinking once every second, but twice every third time – slippery track, caution
    Yellow light with small orange lights winking three times each second – race stopped
    Orange and yellow striped light – safety car
    Yellow and orange striped light – track clear, proceed at racing speeds
    Orange light with yellow checks, winking two times a minute – lapped driver must allow a faster car past
    Yellow light with orange checks – warning over driving standards
    Light off – flag system failure. use your initiative.

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    Do the drivers have time to count how many seconds have passed until the light turns yellow again, and think what everything means?

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    More importantly – do they get even up to a second? These guys are flashing past these at a minimum of 180kph average. And in the case of restricting them from overtaking – obviously only works when another car is nearby and close enough to be overtaken. And they have to keep their eyes on these flag boards for 1-3 seconds?

    Different colors is the way to go. Easily visible, slap bang and done.

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    So, uh, just for the avoidance of confusion, I feel I should point out that the original post is meant to be a joke.

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    Perhaps the FIA should experiment with different colours. Why limit it to green, yellow, red, blue and black? Why use confusing symbols and patterns that may be difficult to distinguish at speed or in low visibility weather? Why not purple flags for slippery track, orange for safety car, and brown for marshals on track?

    (Of course, I realise every suggestion in the original post was some permutation of orange and yellow. Well done, @mazdachris!)

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    @mazdachris, you win the internet for today.

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    I thought this post was serious, but then I realised point 7 was referring to blue flags :P
    Nice job @mazdachris!

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    @mazdachris Nice job! I didn’t see the definitions because I was seeing only yellow or orange everywhere.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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