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Flavio back in pit lane

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    Avatar of HB uber Mod
    HB uber Mod

    At the tail end of SPEEDS coverage of the Valencia GP, they had a 10 second clip of Flavio walkng the pit lane with his Mrs.

    Did anyone else catch that? I hadnt seen him show his face in F1 since his yacht was impounded for tax evasion, just after Monaco. Whould have been hilarious if it had been impounded during the Monaco GP!

    Avatar of Boxcar Racer
    Boxcar Racer

    I do believe his ban from Motorsport ends at the end of this season. What are the chances of him returning to F1 next year?

    Avatar of Keith Collantine

    Hopefully less than zero.

    He’s currently fronting the Italian version of The Apprentice. Horribly cheesy promo in 3…2…1…

    Avatar of Lin1876

    That is wrong on so many levels. Not Flavio wearing that worryingly skimpy swimsuit wrong, but close.

    Avatar of Keith Collantine

    Presumably in this version of The Apprentice the loser is the one who gets the job.

    Avatar of Boxcar Racer
    Boxcar Racer

    Boy, you guys really don’t like him; can I be so bold as to ask why? (apart from the obvious)

    Avatar of F1Yankee

    haha after 2+ years in purgatory this thread lives again, and with some zingers

    Avatar of Kingshark

    I know, that deep inside, Flavio Briatore has became an honest man.

    Avatar of katederby

    I know it’s not very PC but I have to say, I have a bit of a soft spot for Flavio.

    Avatar of robk23

    I’m not sure about the Apprentice thing, as usual the winner will be an incompetent oaf who gets a job well above their skill level (so are they competing for the job of Italian Prime Minister?).

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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