Force India- why so long?

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    Why have Force India taken so long to choose their driver for 2013??
    Unless I have missed something we are a few weeks out and its between Sutil (old school) and Bianchi (new school)??
    I have been watching F1 for 26 years (since 10) and cant remember something like this before- are we waiting for the sponsor to come through soon for the answer???

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    According to SkyF1, it’s apparently linked to what engine manufacturer to go with from 2013. If they go with Bianchi, then they’re committed to Ferrari customer engines as Bianchi comes from the Ferrari fold. If they go Sutil, who comes from the Mercedes stable, they will commit to Mercedes engines. This is their dilemma and why it’s taking so long.

    From a personal perspective, I think they should try new blood, Sutil has had his chance, in fact many of them. Another consideration will of course be how much sponsorship each driver brings to the team.

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    sbl on tour

    this should have been sorted ages ago, its just shows force india to be completey unprofessional, neh a bunch of plonkers

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    Adrian Sutil had his chance? That’s just not true and I’m sick of hearing/reading it…

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    Whatever the outcome, I am thankful to Force India for dragging out the silly season for so long. Here’s to a final shootout in the upcoming Barcelona test!

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Why have Force India taken so long to choose their driver for 2013??

    I don’t see why it’s such a problem. They could annouce their second driver two minutes before the start of first practice in Melbourne if they really wanted to.

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    James Brickles

    Apparently they are to announce Sutil’s return.

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    Bradley Downton

    It would appear it is indeed over: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/105744

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    I find that to be slightly disappointing if true, I was looking forward to seeing Bianchi get his chance at the wheel of an F1 car.

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    It’s obvious – Mallya needs one of the Force Indias to make his getaway from India:-)

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    Jack Lenox

    The sad fact here is also the financial aspect. It’s not just about which engine manufacturer to go for, but which driver can secure them the biggest discount on the engines themselves.

    It seems a shame when it comes down to something like this in F1, although I kind of agree with some of the others on the forums that both drivers are equally deserving of the seat for different reasons. Although Sutil’s champagne glass attack definitely stands against him. If he hadn’t done that, I think he would already have been chosen.

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    Lucas Wilson

    That’s why I don’t want him in F1. If you have someone who is prone to attacking people, in a highly damanding sport like F1, its not a good combo…

    I want Bianchi to get the drive. To be honest, I think it will be Force India’s last season anyway before they are bought out by someone who has money…

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    Yes the assualt charge has certainly gone against him. He, his management, the team and all involved say “its not a factor” but we all know that is BS! Its a factor to the sponsors!

    I would like to see Bianchi get the drive and add to the new school young guns- I cant wait to see what these young lads can do in a car!!

    Maybe PM is right- we will see who gets in the seat in FP1 in Albert Park in 2 weeks time!!!

    Off topic- who will be the best of the debutants for 2013??

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