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F1 discussion

Formula 1 Tattoo


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    Hi guys,

    I am wanting to have my f1 fanatacism branded onto my arm in the form of a tattoo.

    The problem is I am struggling to make the decision of what to have done!

    My first idea was british f1 champions but I couldn’t think of how to do it!

    Any ideas and suggestions or drawings would be greatly appreciated, and of course I will post pics up on here when it’s done!

    Profile photo of Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders

    Ask Ratboy- he has a Senna tattoo!

    Profile photo of Ratboy

    I do indeed have the Senna double S on my inside right forearm just above my wrist

    with his name in the font too.

    the amount of F1 fans that ive talked too from it and also the Honda car club too due to his links with them haha

    Profile photo of djdaveyp85

    I’m thinking of going down the portrait route. Anybody have any of those?

    Profile photo of MattHT

    Surely if you’re going down the portrait route, it has to be our lord and master Keith Collantine!

    Profile photo of RIISE

    Get a Montoya tattoo to cover your whole back.

    Profile photo of S.J.M

    Id get one of the cars, probably from the mid-60’s era of the sport and in Black & white (or Black & Flesh). Something like this

    Profile photo of US_Peter

    Bernie Ecclestone one-eye squinting, over your whole back…

    Profile photo of djdaveyp85

    Like that one SJM.

    Something like that but with loads of cars I’m thinking, want to do the whole arm.

    Profile photo of Dan Thorn
    Dan Thorn

    Who’s your favourite driver ever?

    If it was say, for instance, Prost, you could start at the shoulder with his first F1 car, the McLaren M30, then progress down the arm with some sort of design, progressing through all the F1 cars he raced, ending up with the FW15C.

    Alternatively you could do it with your favourite team, and select the cars you like best.

    Profile photo of ajokay

    Get the first-lap incident from Spa 1998 tattooed down your arm. That has loads of cars, all at different angles, and in varying degrees of completeness!

    Profile photo of Dan Thorn
    Dan Thorn

    Haha, and then get Rosset done on your opposite fist and you can repeatedly plough into the carnage to amuse yourself!

    Profile photo of sw6569

    is what i’d go for :D. Subtle enough so that only F1 fans get it, cool enough so your mates will be impressed too :P.

    More seriously, portraits don’t often look great. Don’t get a face is my recommendation. car’s, maybe. But check the tattooist, you don’t want to have a ferrari tattooed that looks like a 98 williams!

    Profile photo of Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders

    Definitely need to follow ajokay’s advice and get a full arm version of the Spa pile up. It’d probably cost a fortune but your arm would go down in F1 folklore!

    I’m not really a tattoo fan myself, the only ones I’d be interested in are small and subtle ones- like Jenson Button’s button!

    Profile photo of

    I think subtle ones are best like the JB example, a symbol or a name. The Spa pile up would be a pretty fun one to have though :P

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)

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