Formula 1’s ‘Soviet Russia’ esq Jokes

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    Younger Hamii

    If you know what i mean by ‘Soviet Russia esq’ then you would probably understand this quite a lot,If not then feel free to ask what is meant by that.Anyway Fellow F1 Fanatics,I want you to list as many Formula 1 Parodies/Jokes as you can think of & tell me what you think of them.




    I don’t know whether this is the sort of thing you are looking for, but:

    Q: What is the difference between a bus driver and Gianmaria Bruni?

    A: One is highly skilled in the art of driving at speed and the other one used to drive for Minardi!



    Remembered another one but couldn’t edit my previous post:

    Q: What is the difference between a HRT and a golf ball?

    A: A golf ball is capable of being driven more than 200 yards


    Ned Flanders

    The Adrian Newey Facts that were popular a few months back used to make me laugh. They were just a rip off of Chuck Norris Facts but with an F1 theme:


    And the photoshopping of Mark Webber’s head onto anything and everything still hasn’t grown old!




    In Soviet Russia, Felipe is faster than you!



    When Ferrari decided to recruit a Glaswegian pitcrew for the British GP after hearing they could take all four wheels off a car in under a second, Stefano Domenicalli was really annoyed when, during the race, 2 seconds in to the first pit stop, the car was resprayed and sold to McLaren!



    Last ones for me I promise!

    Today David Coulthard and Michael Schumacher went on a camping trip. As they were falling asleep in their tent, they heard a loud growl. Michael went out to investigate but started to get chased by the lion that made the noise. 5 minutes later, worried about Michael, David went out to see him being chased along by the lion, and shouted ‘Run faster Michael, he is catching up with you!’. Michael responded calmly, ‘It’s OK David, I am leading by 3 laps already!’

    Last one:

    Luca Badoer in a Ferrari – made me laugh anyway!



    I think @david-a is the only one who knows what the purpose of this thread is :P

    The soviet russia jokes are all about opposites – in soviet russia, toilet pees on you, in soviet russia, the president assasinates you, and so on…

    In soviet russia, tyres pit for you.
    In soviet russia, the cliff falls off you.
    In soviet russia, Q3 sits Force India out.
    In soviet russia, the gap maintains you (Silverstone?)
    In soviet russia, kate’s dirty sister drives you.
    In soviet russia, rear wing opens you.

    Not the best examples, but as long as it gives everyone the idea =)



    Aah so

    In Soviet Russia, pole gets you
    In Soviet Russia, the winner is the champion… No, hang on that’s right either way, sorry :(
    In Soviet Russia, you are faster than Fernando (I wish!)
    In Soviet Russia, the car drives you
    In Soviet Russia, the race retires from you


    Prisoner Monkeys

    How many people does it take to change a lightbulb at …

    Red Bull – one. Adrian Newey builds a better lightbulb.

    McLaren – there is nothing wrong with Lewis Hamilton’s lightbulb. He doesn’t need to change it.

    Ferrari – none. The FIA do it for them.

    Renault – one. Dany Bahar insists his watermelon is a lightbulb.

    Williams – twenty-nine million, the entire population of Venezuela.

    Force India – three: Vijay Mallya, Michel Mol and the Sahara Group. Joe Saward criticises them for it.

    Sauber – two: Kobayashi and Perez will make the lightbulb last longer than anyone else.

    Toro Rosso – one, but only after he has changed Hispania’s lightbulbs first.

    Lotus – three: one to take the lightbulb out, one to throw it at Dany Bahar and one to realise that it was the good bulb they threw away.

    Hispania – none. They can’t afford lightbulbs.

    Virgin – one: Nick Wirth decides to build a better lightbulb.



    @mathers The one with Schumacher & David was epic.



    Thanks @wasif1 I know a few jokes like that one but I don’t really understand the In Soviet Russia ones :(

    And @Prisoner Monkeys I love the lightbulb one :)

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