Friends or Foes?

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    “The fact that he has no time for girlfriend’s say’s a lot?”

    Isn’t he in the middle of a divorce? Are you suggesting he neglected his wife and was a bad husband then? All in the name of sport? Some people should sort out their priorities. Your words not mine ;)

    Anyway, I’m only kidding. I think Hamilton has gone a long way to earn a more respected position on the grid, as back in 2008 I got the impression that several drivers weren’t amused by him. I would’t be surprised if there is still some lingering dislike with Massa though, and all it would take is one racing incident to bring it back up again. I used to think Massa and Alonso didn’t get on before they became team mates too. And I think there is now pretty decent mutual respect between Alonso and Hamilton, possibly helped by both resenting the success of Vettel (although probably not the man himself) and desire to prove he is not the best on the grid.



    @matt90 I totally agree with your comments regarding Lewis. Over the past 12months he has shown a lot more professionalism and respect towards others, disregarding the incidents between him and Massa that is. I don’t think i can say the same for MSC, he may have the respect that an elder statesman receives, but his on track performance, outbursts and complaints makes me believe a lot of the field wouldn’t even opens door for him.
    This brings me bag to my topic starter, does anyone know if there is bad blood between the Aussie and the Mexican?



    Alonso turned the entire team against Trulli and even got Briatore to fire him in 2004 when he was matching Alonso.
    Fisichella was supposedly one of the best and most underrated drivers on the grid, until Alonso buried him when they drove together in Renault.
    Piquet was suppose to be the next big thing, until Alonso buried him when they drove as teammates during Alonso’s second stint at Renault.
    Massa was said to be as good as anyone, and amongst the best drivers on the grid. That was, until Alonso buried him at Ferrari.

    Alonso mentally destroys his teammates. :P

    Anyway, if Button were to team up with Alonso at Ferrari, Fernando would beat his rear like there’s no tomorrow. That’s just my prediction.



    @kingshark you didn’t mention Alonso’s time at Mclaren, he basically left the team because it wasn’t his if I’m correct. Although I think you find he is a dominant personality rather than a nasty person. Rubens on the other hand always got the short end of the stick for being to nice.



    I believe that drivers generally cannot be close friends with each other as long as they are competing in F1. That’s simply against the nature of the sport. Of course, you get along with some competitors better than with others and some good relationships develop that are sometimes called friendships. But I doubt if Webber is the one Alonso talks to about his private life issues even though both are ‘good friends’.

    Clashes both on and off the track will inevitably happen and drivers simply deal with them in different ways. I think that Hamilton or Raikkonen can get angry about a lot of things but it’s unlikely that they will bear a grudge against some other driver for a long time. Webber and Alonso, in my opinion, are different. I believe they tend not to forget things that they have been unsatisfied with. For instance, Alonso said that people at McLaren didn’t deserve to win championships a year after he had left the team.



    As Alonso (i think) once said…
    If you want a friend, get a dog.



    @marcusbreese That’s quite a fair bit off the person who I know says it lol. I know that saying from Lord Sugar on the Apprentice.



    @raymondu999 I’m sure I heard either Kubica or Alonso say it…I’m sure they didn’t come up with it, though.



    Not sure who originally made the observation about dogs making better friends but this comes close; “Nobody need want a friend who can get a dog.” That from Lord Byron in 1841.


    carlos sousa

    I think most will agree F1 pilots are there to compete against each other, not to make friends, more like mutual respect amongst rivals. As far as I Know the only ones to break that rule were Hamilton and A.Sutil when they decided to become drinking buddies…..Smart of Hamilton not to involve himsef with throwing punches. Other foes I can imagine may be ; N.Rosberg for recently, delibretly blocking both Hamilton & Alonso…….Did he think he was on a virtual reality simulator…..If Nico pulls that stunt again it may end his career in F1. V.Petrov is posibly Nº1 on Alonso’s black list, but this season has much to prove on track and probably won’t be seeing him blocking faster pilots.On a more recent coment about not seen the difference between himself and Alonso as being paying drivers????? The difference is Alonso atracts sponsor’s whereas Petrov puts his agent on the hunt for sponsors to buy his way into a F1 team. Sure, he has talent and a lot of balls too, money alone dont give you a seat in a racing car. Who knows what next year may happen? Maybe J. Trulli will buy his seat back or sponsor a younger talent.



    Blocking is allowed though.



    Ooh, nice thread here!

    At Red Bull, I think Webber and Vettel are certainly getting along better these days, while at McLaren, Jenson probably tolerates Lewis. Or at least that’s how it comes across in features on the BBC when they’re in situations where they have to lark about together.

    Alonso is just the perfect villain. He’s so smart and evil and it’s brilliant for the sport. His comments at the end of last year/start of this year about Lewis being better than Seb were not because he rated Lewis above Seb or because he thinks Seb is a lesser driver, but I believe it was (I’m not the only one who thinks this!) a psychological game with Lewis. Lewis seemed pretty down at the start of the season, and when he was being beaten by Jenson and Seb, he must have wondered what he was doing wrong. Which is probably what Fernando wanted!

    Massa and Alonso is an interesting one. They always seem to be having fun together on race weekends (and unlike other team mates, it actually comes over as genuine — which isn’t to say it is by any means!) and getting along quite well. I remember my first thought when Alonso joined Ferrari being about the Nurburgring in 2007. I had no idea if they were over that little spat, but I’d have called them fierce rivals up until that point! They seem like different people now.

    As for Toro Rosso situation, I find it funny. Watch this video first:


    To me, it seems like Daniel is a really cool guy and certainly one of the most down-to-earth drivers I’ve seen in a long time. And unlike Webber, he always seems to be trying to make a joke and smiling. How long this lasts for (hopefully forever) remains to be seen, but so far he’s making a good impression on me. I think he likes JEV and wants them to get along, but JEV’s probably a bit too cool for Daniel! :-P Daniel’s joking and doing all the work while Vergne doesn’t really break out of monotone. Perhaps he was less comfortable with the situation and being on TV, but I kind of get the feeling their relationship would be like that. Daniel picking on him all the time, and while it doesn’t go over his head, JEV doesn’t really respond. It’s interesting!

    I reckon the easiest person to talk to in the paddock would have to be either Daniel or Bruno. They’re both so unaffected by their success and always seem to have a happy and forgiving aura about them, even when they’re not smiling.


    Bradley Downton

    @damonsmedley – If you’re going for the easiest person to talk to in the Paddock, don’t you have to put Romain Grosjean up there? It looks like someone has permanently glued a ‘Mr Potato Head’ smile to his face..
    and whenever I’ve seen shots of him around the paddock, he’s always got time for fans and speaking to random people. He’s just so happy to be in Formula 1, it’s like a kid at Christmas.



    Romain Grosjean is by far the the most cool driver to talk with, happiest bloke and a genuine smile whatever happens to him!:-):-)



    Yeah, but Bruno and Daniel speak better English, which is good for someone like me who only speaks one language! Romain is easily one of my favourite drivers out there. He’s so cute.

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