Gear ratios

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    Fer no.65

    @catracho504 starting from the back of the grid isn’t enough of a punishment? It’s a miscalculation, not a cheat… as everything with an F1 car, they aim for the right edge of what’s physically possible, and they calculate everything, including the amount of fuel they are going to need in qualy and race.

    You can load the car up to maximum for the race, but it’ll be too heavy and you lose out. And you can half fill it, use a poorer fuel mixture, and it’ll be light, but it’ll be less powerful. It’s a matter of compromise, and they made a mistake or they had a problem with the engine so it used too much fuel. That’s it ! It’s not cheating, ffs…



    @catracho504 about Webber provoking a 2nd safety car on purpose, vs Piquet at Crashgate, I just find it unlikely in this case, because Piquet is clearly not very strong character, while Mark is a very strong character who stands by his personal decisions.

    Let’s not forget that Mark is the same driver that publicly said “I will not support Sebastian Vettel” after he was mathematically out of the championship, after Singapore 2009. For a driver who is strong in character, to go from that, to purposely crashing on purpose for the purpose of calling out the safety car, is just for me too farfetched.




    Mark is a very strong character who stands by his personal decisions.

    I used to have the same concept about mark but he said he would not pull over for no one… and He wasn´t complaining about tyre ware yet he quickly went into the pits in order to move over vor her Vettel– Very strong character indeed! ;D



    @catracho504 to be fair – we don’t know that for sure. He could have been covering Maldonado who had just pitted (he was racing Maldonado at the time)



    @jb – that is a wild accusation. If Mark was going to play that game why not take out Alonso? Could easily have made it look like a racing incident at the start. Secondly he did not cause the accident and he just about made it through when the back of his car got hit.

    At the end of the first safety car Vettel was last, by the time the second safety car appeared he was up to Fourth place. The second safety car meant he was given a chance to get up to third. All in all it helped him out one place – but he still had to put on a daring move around the outside of Button with the championship a stake – gutsy! The psychological blow of Vettel being on the podium was probably worth the risk, Alonso and his fans must have been stewing at Vettel acting like a kid and looking like he had won the race.



    Every race, we seem to have at least one driver with the wrong 7th gear, going down the straights on the rev limiter and their race is ruined because they’re unable to pass anyone or take part in the race properly.

    I wish (if they can’t get rid of it completely) they’d restrict DRS use in practice & qualifying to the zones used in the race – more drivers would stand a chance of choosing the right gears.

    Using DRS all round the track isn’t relevant to anything, it’s just another button for all the drivers to press. Or a cause of accidents and technical head-scratchers, as Gary Anderson wrote the other day about the system on the Ferrari.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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