German Media: Paddy Lowe to Mercedes

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    Third big story to be produced by the German media: Paddy Lowe is apparently leaving McLaren for Mercedes, says the following article in Bild (yes, the same site that first broke the Glock- and Wolff-stories).


    Nächste Personalentscheidung bei Mercedes: Nach der Bekanntgabe des Österreichers Toto Wolff als neuem Geschäftsführer und Teilhaber des Mercedes-Formel-1-Teams hat das Team laut SPORT BILD-Informationen gerade McLaren-Cheftechniker Paddy Lowe (50) abgeworben. Lowe gilt als Vertrauter des neuen Mercedes-Piloten Lewis Hamilton und als Kopf des genialen McLaren-Ingenieurs-Kollektivs.

    Translated (my German is not that good): “Latest Mercedes staff decision: after announcing Toto Wolff as CEO and shareholder , Mercedes has now recruited McLaren’s Paddy Lowe, according to SPORT BILD-information. Lowe has already worked with Lewis Hamilton in the past as McLaren’s technical director.”

    The article also mentions that Toto Wolff had originally recruited Lowe for Williams.

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    Might just be me, but this link seems broken.

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    That’s odd, works for me. If it doesn’t work, try the link in this tweet:

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    I havent seen a midfield team acquire that much talent in one season. Sam Michael, Aldo Costa, Paddy Lowe and Lewis Hamilton to name a few. Mercedes might not win the title in 2013.. but it looks like Brawn is trying to set up a dream team for Lewis… just like he did for Michael.

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    It might save some time if we could just get a short list of team personnel who are NOT moving to Mercedes?

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    Ryan Williams

    @todfod Sam Michael?

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    At this rate, Mercedes will be buying the race stewards from Ferrari…

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    This is getting bigger and bigger . Didn’t think they would be suddenly so serious. And I have a feeling this is not the end of the big news yet. Hope this works out for them as they are hoping,because this plan can get realy sucessfull or fall right down the cliff in 2 years time.

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    If this is true than wow.. That makes me think, didn’t Lowe had some kind of contract with Mclaren? Is it really that easy to change teams? What about a forced period away from the sport, so relevant technical data can’t be shared? It’s publicly known that at least Adrian Newey has some sort of contract binding him to Redbull for atleast a couple of years… why didn’t Lowe/Mclaren had something like that in place?
    … so many questions. But very interesting.

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    @aka_robyn Adrian Newey. :)

    @me4me There will almost definitely be some sort of gardening leave. How long, I can only guess – at least half a season, maybe more.

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    Some updates on this item:


    Lowe might be replacing… wait for it… Ross Brawn himself. Brawn’s role would be split between Wolff (titular team principal) and Lowe (sporting director running team day-to-day).




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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Hmmm … he looks like a supervillain, he sounds like a supervillain and now he acts like a supervillain – so why are Mercedes convinced that Toto Wolff is not, in fact, a supervillain?

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    Looks like Brawn gone (booo) and Fry gone (yeeha)…….the appointment of Nikki makes sense now, he was the broom!!………….they have sooo many chiefs at this team, i fail to see how Bob Bell fits in now that Lowe is arriving……and as for where Brawn goes now??

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    Brawn should go to Mclaren!! Do a swap for Lowe!

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    they have sooo many chiefs at this team, i fail to see how Bob Bell fits in now that Lowe is arriving

    I imagine that Bell, Elliot, Costa and Willis would each be in charge of a different aspect of the car, and answer directly to Lowe, who would take on the role of technical overseer.

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