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    I am thinking of going to some overseas / European GP next year and see tickets are for sale for places like 2011 Nurburgring etc. Can anyone point to good online ticket agencies – google has found GGP, BookF1, GPticketshop, and MyGPticket but I dont know who you can trust – any help would be appreciated ?? thanks ??



    I only went to one race so I don’t have much experience. I bought them from http://www.formula1.com as I don’t trust every site out there with my credit card info. I especially don’t trust sites that are selling tickets to races which aren’t released on sale yet – they usually start the sale during winter and you can subscribe for FOM to send you e-mail when desired race is available. Sometimes if you book early you can even get a discount but it is dependent on track promoter.



    I booked Silverstone this year through formula1.com around February time I think. However, I booked my accomodation (well, tent allocation) with bookf1.com and they were very good. I would advise booking both tickets and accomodation with bookf1 as they emailed me to say that an order for just accomodation wasn’t valid but I pleaded with them so they let me do it anyway!



    You can get tickets direct from some of the circuits by checking their website.

    I don’t know if it is the case for F1 but I got tickets for a DTM race cheaper from the track website than they were being sold for elsewhere so it may be worth checking them out first even if it’s just for a price comparison.

    If you’re a member of an F1 fan club it may also be worth checking their website, the Ferrari fan club generally has tickets for races with varying levels of hospitality extras that you can add on as well as events such as meeting members of the team, tours of the garages and paddock and such. I’m sure many of the other teams will have similar offers too.

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