Grand Prix tracks I do not like.

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    Any one have any track, past or present, that they hate and are glad, or would be glad to see the back of?

    I thought my list would be a bit longer but I’ll go with these for starters.


    Magny Cours.

    Fuji Speedway.

    A1 Ring.

    Not a massive fan of Albert Park either, I thought Adelaide was better.



    No i do not agree

    I think the tracks we dont need are

    Catalunya without a doubt




    Yeah when Spain has two tracks like Aragon and Jerez, why they bother with Catalunya and Valencia Street Circuit is beyond me.

    For mine I have a soft spot for the A-1 Ring. I’m not old enough to have seen the old Osterreichring and my first taste of F1 was Formula 1 and Formula 1 ’97 on PSX so when A-1 Ring showed up in ’97 I thought wow this looks great. The hills and the forest are becoming a rarity nowadays with the marshland/airport tracks that are being built.

    I don’t like Abu Dhabi, too much tarmac for one. I can’t understand why it needs that chicane before the uber-straight (and after it) and all the little bits and bobs that give the track 27 configurations when the track is probably used 2 or 3 times a year… Oh and I just can’t warm to the new Hockenheim having grown up with the old one.



    I have to agree, it makes no sense(unless you can get more people into Catalunya) that the Spanish race isnt being held at somewhere like Aragon. I think we only need 1 race in Spain, maybe have another European country replace Valencia. Spain have way too many International circuits these days, surely one of them could produce a decent race?



    Ones I hate are:

    Magny Cours

    the first two sectors of Valencia.

    Was it Tanaka that held the Pacific GP? That one I hate.

    China (I wouldn’t get rid of it though)

    I sometimes really hate Silverstone too. I prefer the new configuration but it still irrates me most of the time. I’ve no idea why when I like fast tracks and it reminds me of the fields I used to play in as a kid but bar the Copse, Maggotts, Becketts I hate it most days maybe it’s because I was also really looking forward to Donnington. I’d never get rid of it though.



    Pretty much the same as this thread?




    @ Steph – The Pacific GP was at Aida



    @steph. I was lookin forward to Donington aswell.

    I reckon my problem with some of the circuits is this.

    Every year we have the same old circuits being shifted around like musical chairs.

    Many countries have, or could have several F1 standard circuits ie.,

    Spain: Valencia, Aragon, Jerez.

    France: Paul Ricard, Le mans.

    Britain: Silverstone, Donington(…..)

    Italy: Monza, Mugello.

    Australia: Adelaide, Bathurst(love that track)

    I could go on, but would it be so bad if the circuits were rotated every year like the German GP was between Hockenheim & the Nurburgring.

    I appreciate that this probably wouldn’t make very much economic sense for the circuits I’ve mentioned, or any circuit for that matter, but at least it would make the calendar less monotonous, (thats probably the wrong word and slightly harsh, but hopefully you guys will know what I mean). Although now that I think of it, if Bernie didn’t charge so much maybe this could actually happen.. maybe.

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