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F1 discussion

Grand Prix video collection

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    i have a huge collection ( over 200 ) videos ( VHS ) of Grand Prix that i have recorded myself over the years from 1982 to 2001. They are mainly from the highlight programmes but there are some whole races. it saddens me to have to let them go, but i simply do not have the time to transfer them onto dvd!. If there is anybody out there who would like to take them off my hands please contact me. i’m not really looking for much for them, any reasonable offer would be appreciated. Due to the bulk they would i’m afraid have to be collected. First race is Monaco 1982,last Japan 2001,there is also video of a lot of the qualifying sessions.

    Nige B

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    looks like unfortunate trip to the rubbish tip then. Nevermind it was worth a try.


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    You received my message? *still figuring out how this works though, hehe*

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    I would be interested in the video’s. Where about would they need to be picked up from?

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    Hi Alex & Jejking, i live in colchester essex. collection is the only way i’m afraid due to size and bulk. As i said above i’m not looking for much for them just a reasonable offer.

    many thanks


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    Similarly I also have a massive collection of F1 videos. I taped everything that was on TSN here in Canada from 1998 to about 2003 or so. Including qualifying. Like Nigel I just don’t have time to digitize the VHS NTSC tapes. I am not looking tp seel them but if anyone is interested in them, we can perhaps split the mailing costs with the caveat that if you decide to digitize them, I get a copy. I also have about 1.5 TB of F1 videos, including every race from 1978 onward and some earlier than 78 races. I have a list but its in a sorry state. If anyone is interested in perhaps the VHS or trading some stuff on DVD, let me know. Vic

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    Would it be a hassle to send a tape or two to Malaysia? I’ve been scouring for Monaco 1988 and 1992 on Youtube.

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    i would rather they all went together otherwise i could end up with people wanting certain races. i am just waiting to see if the two people that have expressed an interest come back to me.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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