Guess DRS zones for all circuits

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    My guess:

    Australia Pit straight(fact)

    Malaysia Pit straight (fact)

    China Back straight (fact)


    Turkey Pit straight

    Spain Pit straight

    Monaco Tunnel

    Canada Straight after hairpin

    Europe Straight after bridge

    Britain Hangar straight

    Germany Pit straight

    Hungary Pit straight

    Belgium Kemmel straight

    Italy Pit straight

    Singapore Straight leading to Turn 7

    Japan Pit straight

    Korea Pit straight

    India Pit straight

    Abu Dhabi The 2nd straight

    Brazil Pit straight



    Monaco – Ste Devote on to next corner.

    UK – National Staight(?) The one after the loop and before Luffield ect.

    Italy – After Di Lesimo 2, the straight under bridge before Ascari.



    Italian – will be the long final straight before the pits (about halfway down as per the China GP).

    Korea – will be on their main long straight i reckon again like China

    i have a feeling that DRS will not be available at Monaco, it is going to be too dangerous, and the cornering speed into the tunnel is too slow and there will not be a huge amount of benefit from it



    Turkey will be at the end of the lap, just before the chicane (where Webber and Vettel crashed last year.


    Ned Flanders

    Can’t argue with many of Roberttty’s suggestions, except the following:

    Monaco- Pit straight

    Korea- Back straight between turns 2 & 3

    India- Back straight between Turns 3 & 4



    It will be interesting to see what they do with DRS in monaco…people are saying its necessary to add some overtakes to a track thats notoriously difficult to get past on, whereas I think that actually this year with the tyres taking into the equation, there will be plenty of opportunity for changes of position…


    Oscar Becker

    Turkey: Back straight before the last three corners

    Spain: Pit straight

    Monaco: Pit straight

    Canada: Back straight between hairpin and chicane

    Valencia: Straight after bridge

    UK: Wellington straight

    Germany: Straight before Parabolika and hairpin

    Hungary: Pit straight

    Belgium: Straight after Eau Rouge

    Italy: Straight after Lesmo 2

    Singapore: Straight before Turn 7

    Japan: Straight between Spoon Curve and 130R

    Korea: Back straight after Turn 2

    India: Back straight after Turn 3

    Abu Dhabi: Straight between hairpin and chicane

    Brazil: Straight after Turn 3


    Bradley Downton

    Turkey: Curved Track between turns 10 & 12.

    Spain: Pit straight

    Monaco: Pit Straight

    Canada: Straight after hairpin

    Europe: Curved Track between turns 10 & 12, after bridge.

    Britain: Hangar straight

    Germany (Nurburgring): Pit straight

    Hungary: Pit straight

    Belgium: Kemmel straight OR curved track from turn 15 to 18, through Blanchimont.

    Italy: Out of Curva Parabolica

    Singapore: Curved track from turn 5 to 7

    Japan: Out of spoon curve

    Korea: Straight from turn 2 to 3

    India: Straight from turn 3 to 4

    Abu Dhabi: Straight from turn 7 to 8

    Brazil: From Subida dos Boxes to turn 1. (Possible changes though)



    I had an idea to do this thread,thought try it with GPMAPS pedometer which would have been stupid, kudos for a better thread.

    I’ve done where I think they should be though, thread hijack!

    Turkey Back Straight, possibly after that bend, or shortly before the kink, see how they handle that.

    Spain Pit straight BUT they should add another on that small back straight, this circuit is so disadvantageous for the follower it needs extra’s just to close the cars up.

    Monaco Tunnel and pit straight.

    Canada SHOULDN’T HAVE ONE, Do it yourself!

    Europe Straight after bridge and Pit straight? wherever you can put them.

    Britain Hangar straight, OR Wellignton straight, probably not both. Hangar’s very difficult so maybe leave it there and let the drivers do it themselves on Wellington

    Germany Pit straight meh

    Hungary Pit straight ALL OF IT!

    Belgium NONE do it yourself! Or a small part of Kemmel, or maybe the run into Bus Stop.

    Italy NONE! Completley free use, lets see how fast we can go!

    Singapore Straight leading to Turn 7 and the Pit Straight.

    Japan Pit straight, probably this, the run to 130r probably a bit too far, to many possible accidents

    Korea Pit straight, not the long straight, cars can fight it out themselves for that un’

    India Pit straight

    Abu Dhabi The 2nd straight, possibly the next straight as well. with the timing zone in the chicane before hand, make it interesting.

    Brazil Pit straight again, probably go for do it yourself, but last years race didn’t live up to it s maybe not.



    My guess:

    Turkey: Back Straight between turns

    Spain: Pit straight

    Monaco: Pit Straight

    Canada: Straigth between harpin and the final chicane

    Europe: Back Straight after bridge

    Britain: Wellington Straight

    Germany: Pit straight

    Hungary Pit straight

    Belgium: Final straight through Blanchimont and Bus Stop

    Italy: Straight between Lesmo and Ascari chicane.

    Singapore: Straight between turns 5-7

    Japan: Straight between Spoon and 130R

    Korea: Straight between turns 2-3

    India: Back Straight between Turns 3-4

    Abu Dhabi: Straight between Turns 7-8

    Brazil: Pit Straight



    Turkey will be in the section from turn 10 to turn 12 “for sure”


    Oscar Becker

    Oops… I forgot that the German GP is at Nurburgring this year so I’ll choose the pit straight.



    Italy could be an odd one, so many straights

    the cars don’t run much wing at monza so one has to wonder if it makes as much difference with the DRS on.

    Remember that the FIA will be tweeking it throughout the season, we could have more than one DRS zone at some tracks.




    This is actually turned out to be pretty tricky. Startfinish straight isn’t long enough to gain full DRS effect, so we have only one alternative which is back straight with a fast kink in the middle of it. In my view, to make DRS really work for the driver it should be detected on the exitentry of a slow chicane before back straight and activated right before the kink of turn 11 and going on until braking for turn 12. If they’ll all be safe through the kink with their wings open the it will be fine. Otherwise i think they’ll move the zone to startfinish straight for safety reasons since it is longer than the backstraight pre & post turn 11 parts.

    Spain: Pit straight. Right before braking into Elf & Renault. It could be a nice option placing it before hairpin of La Caixa, but i don’t think it will work well, because we got Campsa before it – an ultra-fast right hander. Look for Melbourne DRS zone right on the out of fast corner to see how well it works. No really well, isn’t it.

    Monaco: Should be in tunnel, but the kink in the tunnel is not that easy at all, i think safety will come into play here as in Turkey as well. But where are the alternatives? I don’t believe in a DRS zone between Anthony Noghes and St.Devote, at all. On the other hand, zone from St.Devote up through Beau Rivage and into Massenet and Casino looks like fun with some options in terms of racing line. Although very easy to defend still. This is one of the circuits where FIA will consider is it necessary at all to have a DRS zone in the race.

    Canada: Back straight between hairpin and chicane, as many said. No doubts here. Plenty of room for detection line and activation zone itself. Could be real fun into last corner.

    Valencia: Straight after bridge and turn 10, detection is straight on the exit of 10 or in the middle of the bridge before it. But in the interest of spectators they might use pit straight, right from last turn. Turn one shouldn’t be a problem with wing open, but you never know.

    UK: Hangar straight, Wellington straight does not looks credible for the job – it is shorter, and opens with a slow speed turn. Passing move assisted by drag reduction doesn’t seem realistic. It is the new pits the year, by the way! First lap madness at the Arena and diving into the pits straight after the Stowe sounding like fun!

    Germany: My guess is they’ll use it either before the chicane at the end of the lap or put in before turn one. The latter seems more realistic, because of solid straight length, slow turns before and after and lots of grandstands around.

    Hungary: Pit straight zone, no options.

    Belgium: Kemmel straight seems like it, with detection line into Eau Rouge. It could be neat to have a zone before Bus Stop, but Blanchimont can be tricky with race fuel and wing opened and it is bloody fast without lots of runoff. Safety first!

    Italy: This track is one big DRS zone! I think, given that there’s no more F-Duct this season, FIA will look closely whether it is really necessary to use DRS in Monza at all. If it will be used, it is going to be pit straight, for many many reasons.

    Singapore: Straight before Turn 7, the only place when you really have a chance to pull DRS-assisted move.

    Japan: This is a tricky one, isn’t it? My guess it will be pit straight. Back straight looks less likely simply because of a fast exit out of Spoon and completely flat out 130R – there will be no brakes applied to automatically shut down the wing and i think nobody wants to see a car spinning out of control at around 300 kmh. To add even more question marks to the puzzle, the entry of turn one is really late and almost flat as well. But with the fuel on i think there will be a bit of braking into turn one for most of the race.

    Korea: Back straight, nice and simple. Detect into turns one and two, open up before braking at turn 3.

    India: No real guess, but back straight looks like a solid host to DRS zone.

    Abu Dhabi: They are going to make changes to the layout this year, aren’t they? If not, straight after turn 7 hairpin is the way to go in my opinion.

    Brazil: Start finish straight, i’m pretty sure about that. Detection at the exit of Juncao, activation after Subida Dos Boxes. Back straight after never ending Curva Do Sol doesn’t looks like a healthy option, to be honest.

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