Guess the Drivers number!

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    Oli Peacock

    A few drivers have already picked out their numbers for the upcoming season, for example Rosberg has requested 6 after that car Keke drove to the WDC. So to pass the time, in a typical forum game, all you have to do is guess which number each driver will use. The user with the most correct guesses wins! Obviously some drivers have already reveal their requested numbers, and they are Perez (11), Rosberg (6, 5, 9) and Vernge (25, 21, 27), so you get bonus marks if you know the reason why and can link an article or web page to suggest so (so there’s no made up stories). The game will end once every drivers numbers has been confirmed by the FIA or by Driver himself. You will get the bonus mark when you have linked the web page and will get it right even if the drivers final number chosen is wrong. All you have to do is nominate 1 number per driver and suggest why a driver might use that number for that bonus point, so here’s my first ‘guess’:

    Lewis Hamilton – No. 16 – It’s the number Senna used during his karting years. (1 point if he does choose 16)
    Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ayrton_Senna_Karting.jpg (1 point for link regardless of whether number is chosen by driver)

    It’s out of 41 (19 + 22)
    (19 Drivers yet to announce requested numbers as of 12/12/13)
    (22 Reasons behind 22 drivers requested numbers)

    NB. First forum game I’ve tried to run so please pick out any flaws with it, thanks :)


    Bradley Downton

    Perez’s is because it’s what he used in karting, but that’s in the autosport article! :P



    to quote a comment i saw on the LotusF1 page, “88 needs to be reserved for Maldonado, so it looks the same when its upside down” :)



    Well, 88, or 69 or 96, and with a little bit of imagination 2, 5, 11, 22 or 55 ;)



    Bottas 45, for Bott45.


    James Whiteley

    Goddamit Vergne. 27 was reserved for a Ferrari!



    Mostly just suggesting driver’s will go for their championship/race winning numbers!

    Vettel – 1 & 5
    (He will accept the right to use #1, he will select his 1st Championship winning no.)

    Alonso – 8
    (He will select his 1st win 2003 Renault no. as well as his 1st Ferrari no.)

    Hamilton – 22
    (Championship no.)

    Kimi – 11
    (The James Hunt fan will use the Brit’s 1976 no.)

    Nico – 6
    (He will get the #6 his father used so long as Kimi doesn’t want his 2007 Championship number)

    JB – 12
    (First win number, famous Mclaren number from the Senna-Prost days)


    Prisoner Monkeys

    @james – Vergne has said that 25 is his first choice, then 21, and then 27.

    Honestly, I doubt anyone will take 27. It’s the most famous number in the sport, so taking it would be a bit presumptuous.



    @prisoner-monkeys On that note, I back Hamilton to take the number 27.



    I’m pretty sure Bottas tweeted that he wanted 77 so it was BO77AS.



    Alonso – 8
    Raikkonen – 17
    Hamilton – 16
    Vettel – 1
    Button – 22
    Bottas – 77


    Prisoner Monkeys

    @bosley – Bottas said that that was a suggestion he had received, not what he wanted his number to be.



    We’ve got Williams to thank for number 27 – it would never have got anywhere near a Ferrari if Frank and Alan Jones hadn’t become World Champions out of nowhere.
    Anyway, Alboreto used it for years. Tambay, Alesi. Prost and Mansell for a bit. Nothing “legendary” about it.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I think most people would disagree with you there. The number became synonymous with some of the biggest names in the sport because they all used it at some point. It’s a bit like Peter Brock’s 05 here in Australia – the number itself doesn’t mean much on its own, but by virtue of being used by famous drivers, it achieved a legendary quality. I honestly think a lot of people would be bothered by it if a driver chose the number 27 purely for its famous connections, because it was a number that was shared between many drivers and has a collective mythology.

    I suspect we will see lots of drivers picking numbers that are meaningful to them, like Perez wanting the number 11 because he used it in karting. We might also see drivers use lucky numbers or birthdates of partners or children.



    I suggest the driver who chooses the number 23 will be sent straight to jail without passing go.

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