Guy buys Honda F1 car – is restoring it

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    Read the thread – he is putting an engine in it and setting it up. Got it for only 35k. Giving me some bad, bad ideas of something I have always dreamed of doing (hillclimb champion :))

    photos are here:



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    It might not be one of the best cars of recent years, but man… its a freaking F1 car!! If I had the money and one was there to buy, it would be a test of my self-displine to walk away!

    Theres many a quick car to buy for 35k to use on a track, but hell, why not buy an old F1 car..

    Wow… cant think of anything else to say.


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    Even they are ditching the Xtrac gear box!


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    Ned Flanders


    Woah, only 35,000! Regardless of how a rubbish the car was, that’s pretty amazing. I’d buy one if I was a millionaire, I wouldn’t care that it couldn’t be used on public roads, I’d just put it in my back garden so I could look at it every day :)


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    Wow that looks fascinating!


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    That’s not the RA107 like they say though. At least the livery definitely isn’t. Might be a show car though, after all teams usually update the livery when running old cars at demos.

    Which is a shame because if there’s any Honda livery you want, it’s the Earth livery.


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    Its the RA107 in RA108 livery, atleast thats whats said by the owner. Something to do with Button driving it at Goodwood 2008, and was painted to the [at the time] current livery.


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    he expects to spend another 50k+ on getting it running again

    fascinating thread


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    chris sz


    just think of those ppl passing it by on the highway… an f1 car on a trailor behind an old mercedes bus not even a cover.what a site they must have thought its a replica.


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    Stephen Jones


    as someone said on twitter.. scarbs will want to get his hands on that! dream come true


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    Ben Everard


    This car will be lapping Castle Combe in the MonoLibre series later in the year with a 500bhp Harley V8 engine, albeit with a rag in the exhaust to appease noise regs…

    Hopefully those Brits in the local area will join me at the track for the race, so we can all collectively chant “you complete $%*&!” at the new owner :P



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    Nice to see this car coming to life again. Even if it has that ugly livery!

    A shame they could not nick the Honda engine from that exploded car display at Mercedes Brackley museum though.

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