Hamilton and Alonso "clear the air"…

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    Does anyone believe this? I think we will see peace in the Middle East before these guys ever really get along.



    Does it really make a difference if they do get on? They are competing against each other and with teams that have shown the best rivalry in the sport for more than 30 years.



    I’m not saying they should get on. I enjoy seeing these guys take little pot shots at each other, I think it’s hilarious and there isn’t enough of it.



    I like their rivalry. Hamilton did say he had only messaged Alonso which is a gracious thing to do and there should be a line drawn under it now but it doesn’t mean Alonso’s truly happy. I’m sure many people have texted people saying that they’re fine and everything’s cool but really thought something else. I’m not trying to stir I’m just saying that it’s not like they’ve had a face to face or anything.



    I think Alonso and Hamilton both respect each others skill and have realised that it’s best to be polite off track an do the talking on track. Verbal public fights are generally damaging for all.



    I’ve always believed Alonso when he’s said his problem was always with Mclaren and Ron Dennis not with Hamilton on a personal level. They clearly have a lot of respect for each other, having said that I’m sure Alonso still believes Hamilton blocked him in behind the safety car on purpose.



    I suppose it’s nice Lewis send a message to Alonso. Alonso will say he’s cool with it now, like he already wrote on his Ferrari blog.

    Those guys will never be best friends and will have problems if they are in the same team. Both are dominant, are convinced about how they are the best. Great to have them both racing in competative cars and fighting it out.

    They will only thrust the other to get in fron of them, in a sense the Vodafone clip where they raced each other was very fitting, they shook hands there only meaning a level of acceptance both are there and going fast.



    Alonso was indeed mad at McLaren not Lewis in person.

    Same with the valencia troubles, he was mad at the fia and how things went.

    They respect eachother as competitor.



    I want Hamilton & Alonso to be enemies forever. Kidding.

    It’s good to know that both of them respect each other both on & off the track, it is required. & yes it is true they are probably the best rivals in my eyes since Schumacher & Hakkinen.

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