Hamilton vs Rosberg and Button vs Perez

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    Wow… it´s not nice making fun of the guy… it´s obvious he doesn´t handle the English language all to well.. but I totally understood what he meant to say…. I bet you did too… Not nice at all man….



    Jason Burton? Nick Rosburg? LMAO! Who are you thinking of?

    I apologize, it was meant to be sarcasm.

    I’ve never been convinced with Perez to be honest. I know this isn’t a popular opinion, but that’s my honest opinion. The Sauber in my view is a better car than Kobayashi and Perez are showing – I think there are several races they should have won already.

    I disagree. Apart from Malaysia, where Perez eventually cracked under the pressure, I don’t think Sauber should’ve been able to win anywhere. However, it’s obvious that Sergio is showing great promise in other races, that Sauber shouldn’t have taken a podium in Canada or Italy either, but he did, not too mention his brilliant drives in Australia and Germany.

    What I have noticed however, is how unlucky both Perez and Kobayashi are on many occasions.



    First, I expect that Hamilton will beat Rosberg pretty convincingly. Of course, many thought that Hamilton would destroy Button and he didn’t after all. But Button was a world champion with enormous self-confidence when he came to McLaren.

    Rosberg might be at home at Mercedes, which should give him a certain advantage over Hamilton in the beginning but I believe that Mercedes wouldn’t have hired Hamilton if they believed that Rosberg was good enough to become the team leader and fight for the world championship.

    As for Button vs Perez, it’s harder to predict the outcome of that battle but I expect that Button will outperform Perez, albeit not by much.




    Does anyone recall how he stacked up against Webber when they were at Williams together in 2006?

    Rosberg was pretty easily beaten by Webber in 2006, with the caveat that it was Rosberg’s debut season and the Cosworth was pretty unreliable.

    @Armchair Expert

    Hamilton will outscore Rosberg, because he has superior talent. Brawn and Haug will support him, which should be good for his mental state, but on the other hand he can become pretty frustrated, if Mercedes is not competitive. Bad or good car, Hamilton will shine

    Hamilton’s ability to deal with a sub-standard car will be interesting (assuming Merc are true to form in 2013). Hamilton’s performances in 2009 were pretty interesting, from the drive from back of the grid to the (later DSQ) podium in Australia compared to “We should park the car and save the gearbox”/”It feels like I’m driving a freekin boat out here” Hamilton of Turkey.
    The MP4-24 was developed pretty quickly so we didn’t get to see much more of Hamilton dealing with a poor car.


    Apart from Malaysia, where Perez eventually cracked under the pressure

    As was explained here by Kieth and in other areas Perez was hurt far more by Sauber’s conservative strategy than his minor error or running wide.

    For myself I see all four drivers being reasonably equal in terms of pace.
    Perez will take a few races to get settled in at McLaren, and from there I expect him to be around Button’s pace. With less difference in driving styles at McLaren it will be interesting to see how Perez performs relative to Button when everything is to his (Button’s) liking.

    Hamilton vs Rosberg is the interesting one and while I expect Hamilton can probably drag a pole lap out slightly faster than Rosberg I’m keen to see how Rosberg stacks up.

    We’re still more than 6 months from Melbourne 2013, but I’m already excited!



    I see that Webber scored 7 points in 2006 against Rosberg’s 4 when they drove together at Williams. Not a delusional difference, but Webber did end up coming out on top. However, 3 points must be noted:

    1.) Rosberg was only 20 years old and in his rookie season.
    2.) Williams in general was a crappy car.
    3.) Cosworth was very unreliable.



    Didn’t Rosberg get the fastest lap in his first ever race?



    He did. That was pretty awesome TBH. Bahrain 2006, I recall. I believe Nico started 12th, tangled with Heidfeld in the first corner, dropped down to 21st, 70 seconds behind the leader. Then, he overtook his way to seventh, finished only 64 seconds behind and took fastest lap.



    Is anyone else really looking forward to seeing Hamilton and Button properly battle it out on track, not as team mates, but in separate teams? I can’t wait to see that.

    As Hamilton vs Rosberg – I see it being quite similar to MSC vs rosberg this year. Rosberg to perhaps come out on top, but Hamilton to have more moments where he truly shines.

    Button and Perez should be close also.



    The views of Dino Chiesa – team boss of MBM.com karting – on Hamilton and Rosberg as team mates in 2000.

    “That was the outstanding thing about him (Hamilton), he was very fast, but then so was Nico. He was a clever driver – but so was Nico. They could both use their brain well. For example, both were very good at preserving the tyres. You’d see in the heats they’d be among the fastest or if they were fastest it was only by a tenth. Then in the final suddenly they were fastest by 0.3 seconds or more, because they had conserved the tyres in the heats. But if there was one thing separating why it was Lewis who finished first and Nico who was runner-up in the championship, it was Lewis’s fighting attitude. With him it was always all or nothing – he would take risks to win, risks that could mean he wouldn’t finish, whereas Nico would always have an eye on finishing the race.”




    I have to say, today Rosberg looked much better than Lewis in the rain. Nico’s first lap on wets was a full two seconds quicker than Lewis.

    Watching both Merc drivers onboard, Lewis looked very nervous and twitchy, while the car was handling beautifully in Rosberg’s hands. Nico seemed so smooth yet so fast, just the right amount of traction and braking here and there.

    Of course I’m making too many conclusions out of one 20 minute qualifying session, but I like over-analyzing things, lol.



    I wasn’t all that surprised to see Rosberg going faster than Hamilton, but the margin however did surprise me. Lewis’ race engineer mentioned Nico using different brake settings, but did that alone cause the two second gap?



    After four races, can we say, who is the better part of Mercedes duo? Rosberg seemed to be faster at first two races, in China had DNF because of problems with car, pole in Bahrain but fell behind through the race. Hamilton has more points (50 to 14) so far, race pace is not usually on his side, but at the end he always finishes on or closely to podium. So, the standings say Hamilton, race pace says Rosberg. A bit similar story to last year (MSC-Ros), only Nico in opposite role.


    Keith Collantine

    @krtekf1 Button 4-0 up in qualifying, quite a bit faster, but Perez beat him ‘on merit’ for the first time in the race in Bahrain:

    Jenson Button 2013 F1 season form guide
    Sergio Perez 2013 F1 season form guide

    Rosberg’s had two mechanical DNFs and Hamilton finished ahead of him on the two other occasions, though once was after Mercedes team orders:

    Lewis Hamilton 2013 F1 season form guide
    Nico Rosberg 2013 F1 season form guide



    It shouldn’t be forgotten that Hamilton led Rosberg in both races before his retirements.

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