How many championships will Hamilton, Alonso and Vettel win?

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    Admiral Raymundo, I find your lack of faith in Vettel’s qualifying abilities disturbing… (insert Darth Vader mask here)

    As for my Hamilton – Alonso comparison, as you probably see I predict Lewis will have almost as many wins as Fernando will, give or take. However, I think Alonso will probably win two more championships than Lewis. This has nothing to do with talent, as Hamilton already proved himself equally talented to Alonso, but rather on what line their respective careers are going thus-far. For one, I think Alonso, unlike Hamilton, is generally less distracted by personal life problems. Hamilton has problems with Mclaren and is quite easily annoyed, that’s why his career for the past few years has been very inconsistent. I simply feel that… Fernando is more focused on the sport than Lewis is. Don’t get me wrong, they are both equally dedicated, but focus and dedication isn’t the same thing.



    @kingshark Oh I don’t think I have any trouble having faith in Vettel’s qualifying abilities. I still believe he is the best qualifier on the grid, bar none. But it would probably need him to have a few stars align to let him come to it. I can see him maybe going to 60 or 70 poles, but 90 is pushing it a bit.

    We’ll see though.



    Vettel – 5 championships, approx. 50 victories.
    Alonso – 4 championships, approx. 45 victories.
    Hamilton – 2 championships, approx. 40 victories.
    Raikkonen – 1 championship, approx. 30 victories.



    I find it very fascinating that no one has questioned yet why this thread is limited to Hamilton/Vettel/Alonso, with no one (as of this post) questioning why Button and Raikkonen were left out (Schumacher’s sort of old, so that’s excusable :P).

    I guess that’s just a sign of how almost-universally accepted these 3 names are as the F1 top 3.



    Yep, that’s true.

    I also highly doubt Raikkonen will win another 12 races.



    I think Raikkonen is every bit as talented as the other three, the only reason he’s not rated as highly is because he’s been out of the series for two years. Unfortunately, he has a history of bad luck, he should be a three time champion by now but he barely has one. It’s great that the four best drivers on the grid are leading the four best teams on the grid.
    Button on the other hand, I feel, is a little bit behind the other four, along with Rosberg and Webber.



    I think those three are hyped up the most, and the original question was about them. You dont see a question in the “Why people hate Vettel?” thread about why people hate Hamilton, Button, Schumacher, Kartikeyan, ect.

    But I think from the champions of the grid only those three have a chance this year, Schu will retire before he gets a car capable of winning the WDC. Give any driver a car capable of winning the WDC and a “lesser” teammate, and he will win the WDC, it is not just those three.

    Alonso 3/4 (depends on this year)
    Vettel 3/4
    Hamilton 2/3
    Kimi 2
    Button 2
    Schu 7



    This thread is kind of pointless in my eyes, there is no way you can predict who will remain competitive and what outstanding new drivers will come into the sport. If this poll had been taken at the end of 2006 who would have guessed the then current double world champion would still be stuck on two titles in 2012, and Raikkonen would only have 1 world championship to his name.



    And yet Kimi is only 1point behind Lewis and ahead of Vettel so far in 2012 without a win to his name!



    Alonso 5, Vettel 3 and Hamilton 2.


    Alonso: 3
    Vettel: 5
    Hamilton: 4
    Kobayashi: 12



    I’d say Alonso 3, maybe 4.
    Vettel 3, maybe 4.
    Hamilton 2.

    But even with this careful prediction i’m “taking up” years/championships until at LEAST 2014/15. By them I’m pretty sure that another driver (Perez, whoever drives for Ferrari next year etc.) will have risen from the ranks to give them a LOT of trouble.
    At then we’re not even counting an old dog who might still have a new trick in them (RAI, BUT, WEB).
    And we’re not considering team performances that rise and fall.
    All in all, it’s rather pointless to predict.

    PS. Oh, and I rate Grosjean as well, as soon as he loses his baby-feathers.



    After Vettel completed his 100th race today, I’ve further taken the comparison between himself, Hamilton and Alonso to a bit more of further depth. I will be comparing the first 100 races of their respective careers between them, and compare the achievements.

    Sebastian Vettel
    2 WDC
    3 WCC
    26 Wins
    36 Poles
    15 F.Laps
    46 Podiums

    Lewis Hamilton
    1 WDC
    0 WCC
    18 Wins
    21 Poles
    11 F.Laps
    46 Podiums

    Fernando Alonso
    2 WDC
    2 WCC
    17 Wins
    19 Poles
    11 F Laps
    46 Podiums



    Interesting that they share the same number of podiums (Hamilton should also be 46).



    Thanks for that correction, Matt.

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