Has any driver ever had a perfect weekend?

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    I know there have been quite a few perfect races (started on pole, led every lap, got fastest lap and then won) but has anyone ever gone one further and got fastest practice times in all three sessions as well as Q1 and Q2 ON TOP OF having a perfect race on the Sunday?

    Surely Schumacher in his heyday?


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    Here is the list of all drivers who have obtained a Grand Slam. We have to see in these Grands Prix if the driver has been on top in every session (I don’t know how regulamentated the sessions were some time ago).


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    i always thought Hamilton had a perfect weekend in China 2008


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    Hamilton didn’t every lap of the race however.

    Michael Schumacher had a perfect weekend at Australia in 2004, at the moment that is the only one I can be bothered to check


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    Fernando Alonso, Singapore a few months ago.

    EDIT: Didn’t see that you also wanted them top the practice timesheets.


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    Look at the doubles! Vettel isn’t even on it though everyone bangs on about him only winning from pole! :P

    Edit: He is on it, but he is equal with Hamilton! There’s barely a fag paper between the two drivers!


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    Massa had the perfect weekend for finishing 6th in China

    Car no: 6

    FP1: 6th

    FP2: 6th

    FP3: 6th

    Qualified: 6th

    Finished: 6th


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    Ha ha! Did he have the 6th fastest lap of the race though?


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    I’m not sure where to find information about old free practice sessions. The amount of sessions has changed throughout the years. I found however that Mika Hkkinen had perfect weekend in Brazil 1998. Fastest in Friday practice (there was two one-hour sessions but times were counted together), fastest in Saturday practice (two 45-minute sessions, times together), qualifying and Sunday warm-up.


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    @calum, the Grand Slam also means that they led every lap. It’s harder to achieve a grand slam because of pit strategy. Even when Vettel has been dominant on a weekend, there have been drivers leading the race, but out of position due to not pitting yet.

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