Has Massa spoken about Schumacher incident?

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    I was kind of hoping to have heard Massa’s thoughts about being run off the road by Schumacher in Montreal. Has anyone seen him make any comments?

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    Best I think you’ll get was his description of the race as horrible. Before that it’d been a storming overtaking comeback drive. To get no reward, an for it to be Schumacher of all people to do that to him.

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    I was disappointed in Schumacher. Given that he was a great friend and mentor to the man often described as his protege, I thought that he’d have been a bit more cautious around Massa. Although I think someone suggested that Schumi’s tyres were knackered so he couldn’t brake as well.

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    I think that’s what makes Schumacher he racer his is – he simply doesn’t give quarter to anyone. It both thrills and annoys at the same time.

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    It’s true that Schumacher had some trouble with the car as the tyres weren’t in good shape as they came to the closing stage of the race.But I don’t think that he should take it EASY with because when you are out there even your best friend becomes your worst enemy.I think they would have a chat about it after the race & given the bonding between them they will be OK by now.

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    Keith Collantine

    He has now: Schumacher closed the door too much

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