Has Petrov Done Enough?

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    Felipe Bomeny

    Do you think Vitaly Petrov has done enough to keep his seat for 2011? Or will a title sponsor like MasterCard allow either Klien, Heidfeld, Kobayashi- or even Kimi Raikkonen to race in the yellow wasp? Is his inconsistency going to cost him another shot with the Enstone team?

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    “Do you think Vitaly Petrov has done enough to keep his seat for 2011?”

    In the words of Adrian Sutil: “Not yet”

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    If Petrov can carry the momentum with him to the next couple of races then may be he may get a second chance, but I doubt that the team will want him in 2011.

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    Ned Flanders

    If he keeps up his Hungaroring form, and he continues to be Russian, than it’s safe to say he’ll be driving for Renault again next season.

    If he reverts back to his usual form and gets his bee-hind kicked by Kubica race after race, then expect to see him disapear without a trace in the racing netherlands.

    My prediction= he’ll score a few more points but he’ll be way off Kubica’s pace again, and he’ll end up being dropped at the end of the season. Hope I’m wrong though

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    I think he’s doing just fine. He was on Kubica’s pace in Silverstone before an engine seizure killed his chances in qualifying. He crossed the line in Germany within sight of Kubica. He took fifth in Hungary. And it seems to be easy to forget his showing in Turkey. Another decent points haul or two, and it should be enough. He’s apparently been told by the team that they expect him to be racing alongside Nico Hulkenberg on a regular basis. So far, he’s doing quite well on that count.

    And of course he’s going to be off Kubica’s pace – Kubica is one of the highest-rated drivers in the championship. You might as well have asked him to match Alonso.

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    Dan Thorn

    I think he at least deserves another season. With limited in-season testing it’s hard to base a drivers worth on just one season of racing. I like Petrov – he’s got a positive attitude, is aggressive on track, makes lightning starts and has a decent raw pace. Is he the next big thing? No, but I think he could hold down a seat for a few years at least.

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    Tom L.

    It will all depend on how patient Renault are prepared to be with him. They’ve shown in recent years that they’re more than happy to bring rookies into F1 but not able and/or prepared to help them further their careers beyond that first break.

    Kovalainen: 1 season

    Piquet: 1 1/2

    Grosjean: 1/2

    Good luck Vitaly…!

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    I hope they keep him. He did well in Hungary and if he can keep it together for the rest of the season, I think they will, unless he runs out of money….

    A little bit of stability at Renault would do them no harm at all after all the upheaval from recent times.

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    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    If he continues his current form he should be fine. Lightening quick starts are always a plus.

    If he is to be replaced however I think Heidfeld or Glock could come into play.

    Heidfeld for his relationship with Kubica and consistancy.

    Also a Glock/Petrov swap deal would benefit Virgin and Glock is also a very good driver.

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