Heidfeld's chances on returning in 2011


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    Tom L.

    “whatever I say, dilute it a thousand percent”

    So this topic and speculating are of mild interest to you and you vaguely remember a guy called Nick Heidfeld? field? who used to drive in F1 ;)

    It is all just speculation though – as I wrote in the original post, the fact that there have been no silly-season rumours about Nick makes me think it’s unlikely he’s going anywhere… But anyway your point about motivation was a very valid one which I admittedly hadn’t taken into account.

    Going back to Jarno and Heikki (this ought to be a new topic really, it’s hardly related…), couldn’t help but notice that on the first occasion all year that the two were able to race each other to the finish without car problems, it was “past it”/”ought to retire”/”no motivation” Jarno who finished in front!

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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