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Help catch Nico’s helmet theif

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    Avatar of Mouse_Nightshirt

    Interesting story over on the official Nico Rosberg website at the moment, someone stole one of his helmets way back at the Nurburgring:

    Some clear shots of the guy with helmet serial info if you by any chance trade in helmets.

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    Doesn’t Alonso collect helmets? xD

    Avatar of Aish Heydrich
    Aish Heydrich

    I think the guy is just careless. If Vettel can get new helmets for almost every race, by retiring winning ones, then why is it so difficult for this flipping rich German to get some new ones?

    Avatar of f199player

    Its marketing, Nico has done it before

    Avatar of andae23

    @aish That’s not the point: if someone steals one of your belongings, then of course you put in effort to get it back, right?

    Avatar of Max Jacobson
    Max Jacobson

    What I’m concerned about here is how somebody managed to get into a garage. If it is that easy, what is stopping someone from being sent in as a scout to examine the cars, as a means of cheating?

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    didn’t he also have stolen the helmet he won the chinese gp in.

    Avatar of Michael

    Wait, did that happen during Parc Ferme?

    Avatar of Tomsk

    I think it was Lewis. He’s been wearing a helmet that looks just like Nico’s…
    When you get a replacement one, Nico, paint it a different colour!

    Avatar of Fer no.65
    Fer no.65

    agree with @vettel1

    If it was really stolen from the Garage, then tought luck for being so careless… how come a random guy runs into a F1 team garage, grabs one of their driver’s helmets and leaves without anyone stopping him or noticing in time?

    No no, this isn’t marketing… AAAAT ALLL !!! be inventive, Merc ! Williams did it before !

    Avatar of Fisha695

    If this happened in July (as the images and article state) why is it just being made public by Nico (well his handlers) now and why was there no mention of it at all (atleast that I remember) during the German GP?

    If it was legit stolen in July then that helmet has been sold the most it’s going to be sold and is now sitting in somebodies collection who likely knows it’s stolen and don’t care.

    Avatar of Mouse_Nightshirt

    Just noticed I managed to spell thief incorrectly. Embarrassing.

    Avatar of Aish Heydrich
    Aish Heydrich

    “I think it was Lewis. He’s been wearing a helmet that looks just like Nico’s…”
    Hamilton’s fault? Or blame the black guy? XD

    @andae23: Yeah, I agree. But this is big news and I wonder if Ted brought this up in any of his notebooks, he wouldn’t kid around with Sky coverage.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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