Here is the real Sebastian Vettel

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    I am a massive Hamilton fan but have always respected Vettel. I haven’t liked the guy but always respected his achievements. But I must admit, after watching this interview live on the BBC, it has really changed by opinions on the guy; he is massively humble and a great great guy, its such a big shame the media don’t show this “human” side to the drivers more often. I was really shocked after this interview and struggle to think why people dislike him. What hit me was what a normal guy he is, he has he feet firmly on the ground despite achieving a feat only two of the greatest drivers of all time have achieved.Too all the Vettel haters, watch this interview!!!!



    Mate, I am a die hard Lewis fan, but don’t post videos to haters here, post it on: Planet f1, sky sports f1 and on fb. WOW! There are so many haters on these sites. LOL



    Lovely interview, thanks for the link.



    There have been times when I haven’t wanted Vettel to win, because he’s not my favourite driver, but I’ve never understood why some people have such dislike and hatred for a guy who seems genuinely nice, funny and humble. Every time I see an interview with him, I can’t help but like him.

    I’m sure there are a number of people who saw his win in 2008 (like myself) and thought to themselves that he would be a future Champion. Well, here he is. I’m liking him more and more every race now, and whilst some may think its boring to see him win, I have to respect that he’s doing the best job, and deserves every victory. He’s a great racing driver, and to me is one of the best of all time.



    Mate, I am a die hard Lewis fan, but don’t post videos to haters here, post it on: Planet f1, sky sports f1 and on fb.

    After reading this, I took a look at Planet F1. Wow, amazing what envy does.



    I’m sorry you had to experience that.
    Better stay here :)



    Haha, I’m not putting a step out of F1F, that for sure =P

    At least here we have more than enough reasonable people to balance things out.



    Seb seems to be a very nice, humble guy, with 4 WDCs in his pocket at age of 26 :) But its not easy to be nice when everything is going perfectly. I will respect him really much when he will be such a nice guy after for example two or three bad or average seasons. I am sure that its no easy to except bad results since you are a multiple WDC (just look at Fernando). If he will react like MSC did in 96`, 97´, 98`, 05` or last year (never bashing the team…) I will really see him as one of true greatest drivers! The future will tell :)


    Loup Garou

    TheBass said
    After reading this, I took a look at Planet F1. Wow, amazing what envy does.

    Planet F1 is bad but nothing compared with the ill-informed bigots of formula1.com forums (Nothing to do with the official site). Some of the moderators are worst of the lot.



    I don’t think there’s any doubt that he’s one of the best drivers ever to have lived. The fact that he’s won all his titles with the same team is irrelevant, as far as I’m concerned. You simply don’t become a multiple world champion without being consistently fast, without a a fantastic team behind you, and without being a little bit ruthless when needed.

    I’m not his biggest fan, but part of me would love to see how far he could actually go. Could he beat Schumacher’s record of 7 world titles? Race wins? Pole Positions? If Red Bull can get their house in order in time for the big rule change next season, it’d take a brave man to bet against him.

    And the fact that he’s remained humble, maybe even modest, despite all his success, I think is my favourite trait of his. The guy is brilliant, and he deserves all the success he gets.



    I have to say, with the celebrations today and his interviews, he’s really scored a lot of points with me today. I wish he would be this sincere more often, as I personally feel most of his post-race celebrations are a bit forced and the ‘I’m not thinking about the title’ talk a little unrealistic.

    That being said, at this point, F1Fanatic is the only F1 forum I read, because I’ve already seen glimpses of anti-Lotus facebook pages over Permane’s radio message, links to topics called ‘why Vettel will never be an all-time great’ and ‘When will Red Bull stop sabotaging Webber’ on Twitter and what have you.



    Aaah, the perks of not being part of the social media =D


    Joseph Angers

    Frankly, every story and drama needs it’s villain, and Vettel fits the bill. For some people, things like the 2010 Trukish Grand Prix, Multi-21, and the general sense that he hasn’t had to work for it give people a sour taste in their mouths. I also think the hyperbole about him being a legend is a little overblown. He’s a good driver in the best car designed by the best designer F1 has ever seen driving against a weakened field.



    @joeangersiii – I cannot agree. This claim that “he hasn’t had to work for it”, falls apart pretty easily. SV is noted as one of the, if not the hardest working driver on the grid, with his team and engineers. Also, the field is hardly weakened compared to other eras- we have 5 world champions on the grid and four frontrunning teams.


    Joseph Angers

    Whether he’s team says he’s the hardest working driver or not is subjective, since I’m sure every team says that of their number 1. They’re not going to say he’s a lazy slacker any more than Ferrari would say the same about Alonso. Kimi on the other hand….

    But I have to say this a weak field. Not in terms of driver quality, but in terms of overall team performance. You have a Mercedes team who can’t decide who’s running the show, a Ferrari team that’s fallen into it’s pre-Schumacher dysfunction, a Lotus team that can barely afford to show up, a McLaren team that’s built a dog of car, a Sauber team that can afford to pay its’ drivers, a Williams team that is a sad shadow of its former self, and the rest made up of Force India, Caterham, and Marussia.

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