How did you get here?

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    Hey folks. Just very curious here. how did all of you find F1F here? An ad? Did someone recommend it to you? Or? To be honest I don’t even remember anymore how I got here!



    Always loved F1. Been following since 1950.

    When I got a hand me down desktop, one of the first things I typed in was F1, & hey presto with some trawling discovered F1 Fanatic.

    Was a lurker for a couple of years till shown how to register.

    Now love the community & all the banter.



    Like most of the good things I’ve found in life I just stumbled upon it with no idea of how I got here.


    Dan Thorn

    I came here from Google many years back. The back button on my browser is broken and I’ve been trapped here ever since.



    Early 2009. I was looking for that year’s Renault livery and I stumbled upon F1 Fanatic. I registered a few months later.



    “I was looking for that year’s Renault livery “

    Good day for you then; you found this site and saw the gorgeous R29 livery.



    Hmmm. I think I found this through Google in the middle of Spygate in 2007. I was trying to look for fan reaction to what was going on.

    Seems like ages ago now. :)



    I think it was at the period that Journeyer said that I stumbled upon F1F. At first, I just read the articles. But then, I started comentating. And now this is the second webpage I open every day, the other one being F1.com, just to see if there’s something interesting there.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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