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How long until Caterham, Marussia and HRT score points?

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    Caterham I think could do it later this year, if they had entered F1 a year or 2 earlier they probably would of scored by now, but because of the reliability there are less high attrition GP’s

    As for Marussia and HRT, Marussia have McLaren link up, and HRT? I have no idea

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    Oli Peacock

    HRT have links with Williams not that makes them any quicker though Williams could soon find themselves being chased down by HRT

    Profile photo of Oli Peacock
    Oli Peacock

    HRT have links with Williams not that makes them any quicker though Williams could soon find themselves being chased down by HRT

    Profile photo of Klon

    To be perfectly honest, I’d be surprised if Caterham doesn’t manage at least one point next year. HRT might make the points in a very chaotic race somewhere in the next two years. Only Marussia will propably remain … wait for it … pointless! Dohohohoho.

    Profile photo of Estesark

    If I had to say who would score points first out of Marussia and HRT, I’d put my money on Marussia. I think HRT are going to have a really abysmal season.

    I think Caterham really must score points this year. I think Kovalainen probably will pick up one or two, but I can’t see Trulli getting any.

    Profile photo of Joey-Poey

    I, too, could see Caterham have a chance at nabbing points some time this year. Though, honestly, it’s tough to say until qualifying at Australia. We don’t know how much closer they’ll be and if they’re still trailing the midfielders, it’ll take a lucky break. If they’re finally caught them, then yeah, they could easily sneak in a 10th place.

    Profile photo of S.J.M

    I hope that Caterham gets a/some points this season. Of all the 3 teams, they deserve it more (my opinion) as they seem to be the most serious about it. *IF* they can make a car thats competitve, then its plausable. If theres another race like Canada last season, with wetweather mayhem, then its more then possible. So, yes I think Caterham can score then year. Im less optimistic about Marussia and even less about HRT.

    Profile photo of VettelS

    Wouldn’t like to guess about HRT/Virgin, but I could definitely see Caterham scoring points this year, if only half a dozen.

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    @VettelS , Im pretty sure that Tony and Mike would snatch half a dozen points from you, if offered now.

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    Caterham should score points in 2012, maybe not regularly, but they should be where Williams were in 2011.

    I think the future is bright for Marussia, they will get up eventually, they just had a duff car in 2011. A design team that doesn’t only rely on CFD, and Pat Symonds watching over them, 2012 could be much better.

    HRT is going to be at the back again in 2012, there are just too many inconsistensies in the team, they have yet even to use a driver for a full season. They are also in the process of moving the entire factory to spain. De la Rosa is not a very exciting prospect either. HRT is destined to race the 107% rule again.

    Profile photo of Joel Holland
    Joel Holland

    If Caterham fail to score again this season I think Gascoyne will be gone.

    Profile photo of AndrewTanner

    I’m going to go with the consensus of opinion and say Caterham as well. I don’t believe they will be in a position to be regularly in the points but if they get lucky with a safety car and a high attrition rate, possibly.

    I would say their fate at the moment regarding points largely depends on what Williams produce to dig themselves out of the mire and how the new guys work out at STR. STR were pretty much bottom of the pile before the three new additions in 2010 and given their development programme I doubt their two drivers will be bolting out of the gates come Melbourne.

    Profile photo of N/A

    I have to disagree with most everyone here! I believe Caterham has absolutely the worst lineup possible. They shouldn’t score any more points than they did last year with Lotus. It all depends on de la Rosa – he should score some points with HRT. Marussia will remain, as Klon said… pointless.

    Profile photo of Adam Blocker
    Adam Blocker

    I would put my money on caterham, because I think they will score this year. Marussia will probably score (if they are still participating) by the end of 2013. HRT, well they will never score.

    Profile photo of xjr15jaaag

    I think that their best chances would be at Spa, Canada, Hockenheim, and Brazil, because the weather can be quite unpredictable, and Heikki I think has the best chance of points

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