How much is DRS contributing to Alonso's Honda frustration?

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    Keith Collantine

    Obviously DRS is a bit of a hobby horse for me so bear with me one this one!

    Rewatching the footage from Spa it occured to me that Alonso’s plight with his McLaren-Honda might not be so bad if it wasn’t for DRS. He’s always going to be at a disadvantage on the straights, but is DRS the tipping point between it being very difficult for him to defend his position and it being impossible?

    He was in seventh on lap two at Spa, then dropped like a stone as car after car DRSed past him. I can’t help but wonder if he’d had a better chance to keep some of them behind without it, and whether the existence of DRS is making a very bad situation completely intolerable.



    Funny you should say that, Keith, I had a similar conversation with my girlfriend (a new fan) at the start of the race. The conversation went something like this:

    Me: “Amazing start from Fernando – up to 7th!”
    Lauren: “That’s brilliant, go on, Fernando!”
    Me: “Only a matter of time til he’s passed, though..”
    Lauren: “Why? Don’t be so negative!”
    Me: “No, no.. it’s the DRS here. It’s so long. He doesn’t stand a chance.”

    And with that, he was picked off one-by-one. Cue me ranting about the art of defensive driving being completely gone in modern F1. Half of a truly great driver’s skill-set is null and void. What a sham(e).



    I am a big Alonso fan. I have been hoping he is going to stay in F1, and when this happened in Spa, being passed like he was, I thought, That’s It, he is going.



    I’ve got mixed feelings about DRS because as you’ve suggested it left Alonso defenceless BUT…

    I am more interested about what happens at the front. At Spa in the battle between the top 2, the only way Seb was ever getting past was to use DRS. There would be even less racing at the front if it was not for DRS. Hamilton would have been stuck behind Vettel for lap after lap in Spain.

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