How to best spend a long week end at Monaco GP?

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    Hello all,

    I have the great chance of having “free” tickets for the Monaco GP with my wife. I don’t know in which stand I’ll be(that’s the next question to ask to my father in law : officially best man on earth now), but it seems it’s going to be a pretty good one. Plus I’m trying to get to the pit lane too (hence the : not so free aspect of it). I have accomodation and all. I’ll be there from Thursday to Sunday.

    I’ve been a TV F1 follower for the past 10 years F1 Fanatic follower for the past two, and though it’s not my first live race, it will be the first F1GP I attend. I feel overjoyed and yet would have rather had my first F1GP in a less special place than Monaco (but hey, not complaining!)

    Do some of you have any tip? I am a keen amateur photograph and was wondering how that worked out (is it allowed? Where? Restrictions? Is it possible to have a clear view from the stands (fences etc.)?…). Also, what are the does and don’ts and more importantly, what should I not miss!

    Plus, if some of you happen to be around, would love to meet other fellow F1 fanatics. I wonder what’s the best thing to do on the Friday too.


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    Although i’m no photographer myself, at Silverstone I did see a fair few people kicking back in the stands with decent sized lenses and security didn’t seem to bat an eyelid, so taking photos shouldn’t be an issue.


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    Great, I was worried about that, I have some decent sized lens (nothing professionnal, impossible to take a picture without being seen and taking pictures would be, for me a big part of the enjoyment. That and hopefully finally accomplishing the convertion of my wife to a F1fanatic.


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    I would doubt it would happen at Monaco, but take something with you that can access twitter. I believe Tommy [another forum user] got into the paddock with his girlfriend through twitter. There was an article that was written by them on the main site, but I don’t have the link for it right now.

    As for photography, it depends on the grandstand/people you’re with. You won’t have a problem getting the camera in or taking pictures but the quality will depend on your view and your gear. My parents took a 5 mp standard digital camera there in 2004 and got some great snaps [i.e. really not keen photographers], so with some actually decent gear you can get some cracking photos easily.

    Take ear plugs!

    and in response to the question in the topic title, holding a beer is the answer :)


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    I’m French, so I believe my phone will be able to access 3G network in Monaco. I don’t recall tommy’s article. My tweets are not public anyway, but i guess I could create an additional account. But as you say, I guess it will be rather difficult in Monaco. Thanks for the advice, I’ll try to find the aforementioned article.

    As for the camera, I have a low end EOS Cannon SLR camera. I also have two great lenses (up to 300mm zoom and down to 10mm wide angle) that have traveled with me everywhere for the past two years. (I only went digital 2 years ago, I’m still in my twenties but haven’t grown much hobby wise since high school)

    As soon as I know which stand I’m in, i’ll write it here.

    Thanks for the advice about beer, but I already had this aspect under control!


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    Keith Collantine


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