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How to build a….?

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    Anyone else see the “How to build a supercar?” last night on BBC2?
    Quite a fascinating look at the MTC and new factory they have built for the MP4-12C.

    Being a technical geek it was wonderful and made me appreciate the car a whole lot more. I stil don’t have £168,000 to buy one though.

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    But soon we all fanatics will have the money to buy one.

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    @Dam00r I await my cheque in the post from you!

    As for the documentry, that McLaren way of designing, building, testing, and refining a car is second to none. The amount of work that has gone into that car is incredible. I want one!

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    I found it really interesting, i Sky+’d it and watched it this morning. What a place to work, and the detail that they went into was/is amazing

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    @ajokay Haha, the cheque is coming. patience!

    Yeah, I was astonished about the quality details and precision that goes into producing the McLaren MP4-12C. I’m de’fo gonna buy one when the dough starts to roll in.

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    I found Ron Dennis funny.
    The replaced floor tile on the main foyer was great. How it got to him because a new tile comes in a different batch that is slightly darker in colour.
    “Doesn’t that bug you? Bugs me. Big time.”

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    I finally got round to watching it and thought it was really good. I miss Ron Dennis in F1.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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