How well would the F150 have done in 2012 ?

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    How well do you guys think the F150 would have done, if Ferrari were to put a step nose, take the blown diffuser out and race it in Australia . surely it would have been better than the pigs ear they have now or do you think it would have been slower ?
    The reason why i am asking this is because the F150 had decent pace without the blown diffuser but it was slow on the hard compound. if Ferrari had just concentrated on those 2 issues instead of starting from scratch, do you think they would have been a better position in 2012 ?


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    Fer no.65


    A car that’s not been designed to work without the blown diffuser would have been miles away today. It’s a stupid comparision, if I’m honest. They never raced “without” the blown diffuser either, so what you’re saying it’s quite off reality.

    Also, the new car has evil handling, yeah, but I reckon if Alonso stayed on track, he could’ve easily made it to Q3. He almost did it anyway so it’s not the end of the world…

    Surely they wanted to go the other way in terms of design and that’s why they went radical. Maybe they felt progress was little if they developed the F150 and chose to start all over again instead. You never know…


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    I think Alonso is pissed off Massa is leaving and Ferrari have really cocked up the car. (Maybe slightly off topic but I felt the need to voice my displeasure)


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    Yes, discussion is useless, the entire car would need to be redesigned because of the stepped nose and the ban on the EBD anyway. It’s like asking how the McLaren MP4-4 would have done if the current regulations were applied to it.


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    The Ferrari is like Clifford – the big red dog.


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    I reckon the F10 would´ve been a better candidate…. Just add the pull rod suspension on the back, figure out a way to get heat into the tyres and a more aerodynamical stepped nose and it would have been better!


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    Adam Tate


    I think Alonso is pissed off Massa is leaving and Ferrari have really cocked up the car. (Maybe slightly off topic but I felt the need to voice my displeasure)

    Off topic, but I think it is valid. Alonso does seem to like Massa, I’m not sure he respects him, but I know he doesn’t like the idea of the team upsetting the applecart.

    I’m expecting Ferrari to have the highest number of updates this season, and possibly a very large one after the summer break. Very much like an F2012 B spec, like RedBull did with the RB8 just before the season began.


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    @jack22 difficult to say on that one. Designed around a different set of tyres – designed around a double diffuser, that kind of thing. The F150; though it may not look like it on the outside; is actually an evolution of the F10.

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