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F1 discussion

How will the 2014 cars look

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    Profile photo of Ludwig

    The horror, the horror!

    Hairy Ant Eater

    Profile photo of matt90

    Well that is hideous.

    The anteater comparison is unfair to both anteaters and the 2007 McLaren which some nicknamed ‘anteater’.

    Profile photo of Force Maikel
    Force Maikel

    It makes the stepped noses look beautifull!!! What on earth is the FIA smoking…

    Profile photo of MazdaChris

    Ok, I’m just going to say it. That’s a wang on the front of the car. There’s no two ways about it.

    Profile photo of Fer no.65
    Fer no.65

    Holy moly ! and here I was saying: “meh, it can’t be worse than the platypus !”


    It looks rude.

    Profile photo of toiago

    I think we’d be better off with something like the front end section of the Toyota Tf109, ditching that stupid tip of the nose cone.×1440.jpg


    If they increase the minimum width of the nose tip, will we not get a lot of Brawn 001 looking cars?

    Profile photo of Nick

    Calling it the tip is not helping with removing the idea of it looking like male genitals..

    I’d prefer McLaren-esque noses from 07 or 08, but in general form seems to follow function in F1, where as teams used to have at least some sense of (aerodynamic) style.

    Profile photo of toiago

    @npf1 – I assure you that it was not my intention!
    For me I’d love something like the Mclaren MP4-20, to me it looks stunning!

    Profile photo of PieLighter

    I suppose we should be thankful that Marussia is no longer called Virgin. The jokes in 2010 were bad enough.

    Profile photo of Deej92

    That is… horrible. I thought we were going to see MP4-22-esque noses which I personally liked, or perhaps the larger BGP 001-esque nose. Going on what Newey and Michael have said, we can probably say at least a couple of teams will go with this horrid nose (I’m going to call it “the Wang” as MazdaChris put it). The stepped nose is still the worst type of nose I’ve ever seen though.

    Profile photo of Tomsk

    I wonder what Team Willy will come up with?

    This quote from the Autosport article says a lot about the so-called decision-makers in F1 today.

    …some senior Formula 1 technical personnel have already called for changes to improve aesthetics, but this was not successful due to a lack of agreement on the need to do something

    Profile photo of andae23

    I really like how the 2014 car looks. It perfectly embodies F1’s current excitement level.

    Profile photo of Dion

    @andae23 Flaccid?

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 73 total)

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