How wrong can we be about 2017?

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    Ben Needham

    Following on from Keith’s annual article which quizzes us on our thoughts for the upcoming season, I thought I’d create a space for us to leave our random, outlandish predictions about 2017 and find out just how wrong we were come the end of November. Anything that turns out to be correct wins a virtual pat on the back…

    Here are mine:
    1) Kimi Raikkonen to outscore Sebastian Vettel.
    2) A team outside the top three (Mercedes/Red Bull/Ferrari) to win a Grand Prix.
    3) Not a single on-track overtake to happen in Monaco, leading to a train and the closest top 5 finishers since the 1971 Italian Grand Prix.
    4) Jolyon Palmer to score a podium despite few other points finishes, while Hulkenberg can only manage consistent fourth’s.
    5) Daniil Kvyat to see out the season and outscore Carlos Sainz Jr.



    McLaren will reach the end of a race.



    What I’m really wondering about is what would Ferrari and Vettel winning the title do for the popularity of F1. Let’s be honest Mercedes surely is still the favourite and I doubt they’ve lost pace.


    Ben Needham

    @xtwl – personally I’m less bothered about who wins the title than that we get a good fight for it; whether that’s between team-mates or a multitude of teams battling it out.

    I’d gladly see Vettel and Ferrari win the title as long as they were fought hard for it every step of the way! I don’t want to go into each weekend knowing that unless something remarkable happens, Hamilton will be the victor.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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