HRT to be sued by General Dynamics?

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    Just a thought, afterall the F111 is an iconic symbol to the RAAF and USAF since the 1960’s, and they both have wings!!

    Surely something should be done to clear up this confusion!



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    That would be the end of the team.. there is no way they can afford lawyers.


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    Volvo and Sauber battling over the C30 could be another one.


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    And, assuming they make iot to 2017, they’ll be sued by Lockheed Martin for stealing the F117 moniker…poor buggers!


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    LOL i was only thinking the same about this as the OP not more then a few days ago. Hilarious!


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    I like the idea of the argument from Lockheed Martin :

    ‘HRT naming their car the F117, has impacted the years of goodwill and positive image built up by Lockheed Martin on this brand since 1981’

    ‘The possible confusion for our customers who may confuse the old technology based, single seater, grey* painted craft is considerable.’

    On the flip side a possible news report: ‘Dictators buying F117’s 2nd hand on Ebay with the intention of bombing rebel strongholds have already expressed considerable regret after actually receiving a dodgy already under performing F1 car’

    .. at least they’ll have something to travel up and down the runway on, without the worry they’ll be breaking the no-fly zone any time soon :)

    * I’m speculating HRT will be grey in 2017. Although it’ll probably be pink with fluorescent yellow spots on current form.


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    Just bought myself an MP4-12 from Mclaren – I hoped it was DCs chassis but it was a ‘normal’ super car… false advertising or what?


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    Now im wanting to see a F-111 (The plane) painted like the F111 (Race car).

    Just imagine it, with the ad spaces being advertised.

    “This is a cool spot… for a 20mm Cannon”

    “<Your Airforce Here>”

    “Carefull, its Hot” [Pointing at the afterburners]


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    nice SJM ;)


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    S.J.M. lol

    On the flip side, in about a hundred years when the USAAF reach the number in their numbering system for fighter jets (F15, F22, etc.), will Ferrari sue them for using the F40 designation?


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    The Last Pope


    haha. Although I doubt the USAF would ever use F40 as a designation as the number 40 relates to the WWII P40 Warhawk. They might have a problem when they try to have an F50 fighter though ;)


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    HRT could simply remove there wings though, as they hardly went fast enough to use them, thus clearing any confusion ;)

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