Hulkenberg: Iceman 2?

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    I imagine how much joy he had inside him but he looked like Kimi: he didn’t celebrate much.

    Obviously, congratulations to him! I was so happy for him!

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    im as shocked as everyone else on f1 fanatic if im correct he was 1 second above Vettel? i bet no one in the prediction championship saw that coming

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    that was a monster lap. The Williams was definitely not one second faster than the other teams, almost regardless of what set up he was using compared to the others. That was what I was expecting more of from Hulkenberg this year and wow, what a lap!

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    After having read the title I thought this thread will be about how great Hulkenberg is! Nonetheless, he was beyond fantastic.

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    Ned Flanders

    I think the Hulkenberg doubters should help themselves to a slice of humble pie…

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    Vitaly what now?

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    In my defence, I was always hard on Nico because I expected better!

    I can’t stop being happy for the guy. Kimi who?

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    Nico was actully 1 second above Vettel im looking at a video now and he is one second ahead of second place amazing driving

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    since the pre-season testing i’ve expected a performance like this by the Hulk! surely Williams is going to suffer tomorrow, but one thing is certain: it’ll be a great show tomorrow.

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    Still sort of comparing Hulkenberg to Raikkonen, maybe one day Interlagos will be for him what Spa was to the Iceman. Who knows.

    P.S. I got it right the pole timing of ~1:14.500 :D

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    Just realized he’ll have to finish on the podium to overtake Kobayashi in the points. He’ll easily overtake Petrov though if he can manage not to be overtaken by too many drivers tomorrow.

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    No he isn’t Iceman 2. Kimi is Kimi. I think that he saved it as he & all F1 fans knows that first on a dry track it will be tough to keep that place & it’s nice to have a fast car on Saturday but it’s on Sunday when you get points> Come raceday he will do a good job then we will see him celebrate.

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