I have had a change of heart on the DRS.

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    Today we saw the fastest lap ever of the albert park grand prix circuit, :D. If we continue to see this trend across the whole season, I may just be able to put up with it. It is my opinion that the kers should be used to supplement the engine, by continuously feeding power, as opposed to the current ‘boost’ system. The DRS should then be given free use during the race. Dramatically decreasing laptimes, while avoiding the much dreaded high speed through corners.



    The beauty of the DRS is we can all see when it’s working, not just when it’s an onboard shot with a TV caption. I too would like to see it available throughout the race, so drivers are free to do stupid things with it like Sutil… but I guess we should see how much it aids overtaking first.

    I wonder how much the sponsors like it, as their name keeps disappearing off the rear wing…



    Using it in the race continuously would be pointless, the idea is that a car within 1 second of the car in front has more of a chance to overtake. If they could all use it whenever you would be defeating the sole purpose of it.


    Dan Thorn

    There were some great shots today of drivers sliding out of corners after activating the DRS – mainly Kobayashi. It was enjoyable to watch, I just hope it doesn’t make overtaking too easy in the races.



    in use it looked a bit gimmecky but the times show it works, they just need to tweek the daft usage rules in the race, but after tomorrow I may change my opinion on that too



    Really liked it in quali. Drivers on the limit, cars sliding, wheels locking – that’s what I want to see more. I’m a bit surprised however that no one has done anything clever with the DRS wing in terms of sponsorship. Surely there could be like a different text on the upper and lower planes and its meaning would change depending whether the wing is activated or not.



    I don’t think we’ll see increased overtaking at a track like Albert Park, the section for using it’s just to small, especially when there are longer, clearer overtaking oppourtnities around the circuit.

    I still think the 1 second rule is gimmiky, the limited space to use it is even worse.


    Red Andy

    Surely there could be like a different text on the upper and lower planes and its meaning would change depending whether the wing is activated or not.

    Great idea, that would be fun! Like one of those Mad Magazine fold-ins? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mad_Fold-in



    “Red Bull gives you…”



    Not sold on the DRS spicing up qualifying though.



    I’m not particularly objected to it, but say for instance Sutil hadn’t rescued that spin that looked destined for the wall, we might see drivers pushing so much with the aid of DRS that we have stoppages and accidents in qualifying, which won’t be good. But we’ll see.



    @Gnarly Racing – The sponsors will love it! How many eyes will be fixed on those rear-wings tomorrow in anticipation? A dam site more than any other part of the car, that’s for sure.

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