I saw Senna today. It was beautiful.


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    Beautiful is not a word that I use to describe many movies, but this time it definitely fits. The home videos, the candid shots outside of the race, I saw a side of Senna I really didn’t know. I didn’t want the movie to end.

    I heard some quiet crying at the end, and while I wasn’t quite at that point myself, I completely understood it. Even knowing what’s coming, it was brutally sad.

    I do wonder if Bruno Senna was in any of the home videos.

    I guess this isn’t a full review, and I’ve never written a movie review, so I don’t really know where to start, but if you have the chance to see this movie, go for it. I wanted to bring my girlfriend, to introduce her to F1 this way, but she caught some cold at work so I went with my dad, a fellow F1 nut (I won’t say fanatic since I don’t think he’s on this site) and he started telling me about when he saw Senna win in Phoenix, in unbearably hot weather, and Senna climbed up on the scaffolding at the podium and started going “gymnastics-type” stuff. I’m not doing that story justice, and I guess I digress…

    Anyway, everyone in the theater seemed to like the movie, when the credits started rolling it wasn’t everyone jumping out of their seats to leave, it was more everyone sitting, taking it all in, not wanting the movie to end. I think it’s something any F1 fan could enjoy, even if you’re not a Senna fan. Definitely worth seeing this movie.

    Also, this is my first post here on F1 Fanatics, so… hi! …and I hope this is the right forum to post this in…



    Nice to hear that you think highly of it. I sit here jealous of the lucky people who have seen it so far, and anxiously await it’s release here.

    As for whether Bruno Senna appears in the film, I can’t comment (because obviously I haven’t seen it), but I’m pretty sure he’s in the trailer, racing Ayrton on a jet-ski.



    Really looking forward to seeing this…and if there are any other hardened F1 fans in my area.



    Gentlemen, I totally agree with you. However, if you want to have a better understanding of the “Senna person” I mean, not the racing driver (that too, but not the focus) There is a book in Brazil called “Senna – The unveiled hero” I do not believe there is any translation of that Book into english (or any other language). It is the most complete Senna biography ever written…a non authorized by the family, which grants you a even more precise description on Senna….it is absolutely amazing…I have this book for some years now, and it is almost falling apart, since I read almost every month….



    I remember the jet ski part, and I think you’re right, it makes sense that it was him, the right age and all. I think he may have been a boat with his uncle a couple years later too, but if that’s him on the jet ski, I think he was wearing his uncle’s helmet.

    I have this site to thank for even knowing the movie was playing, courtesy of one of the round ups from a few days ago (I think).

    The theater wasn’t quite full, there were a few empty seats, all singles though. But what I loved is that everyone seemed to know the story, to know about F1, Senna and Prost, everything. I didn’t expect that many F1 fans to be there, I thought it’d be more the film buff who heard about it at Sundance.

    Clovis, I really wish I could read that book, but I’m limited to English and a tiny bit of Spanish…



    Does anyone have any idea when/if It will be coming out in Australia?



    I know what you mean Sourmash…of course, I will not be able to give a full transcription of the book, but I may be able to post something once in a while…

    This is my transcription, from what I recall, but here it goes:

    “In 1981, Senna, after a good season in the British F-Ford was almost dragged back to Brazil by his father, Milton to start managing the family’s construction hardware store in a poor neighborhood in Sao Paulo. Senna couldn’t stand being behind a counter, dealing with brick stocks, sand, etc… . Ayrton said: “No one asked you (family) to put me on a go-kart when I was little, I tried it, loved it and now, never EVER ask me to give it up. This is my life!”

    Next time I will talk about a trip he made with Dennis Rushen, from Donnington Park to Snetterton in a Vauxhall Astra…


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