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F1 discussion

Id like to buy a used F1 tyre or wheel. . .

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    any tips on where to get a legit one?

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    You won’t get a tyre. When the race weekend is over, all of the tyres are returned to Pirelli, who take them back to their factory and run a diagnosis on them to make sure there are no defects in them; they usually get destroyed or put into storage to keep them from being acquired by rival tyre developers.

    As for the wheels, I believe they’re kept by the teams. The only way you could get one is if you were attending an event and a car crashed and you were able to get the wheel rim. otherwise, check eBay – but you can expect to pay thousands of dollars for it. Tyres and wheels aren’t exactly the kinds of things that are readily available.

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    After Buemi’s crash in practice at last year’s Chinese Grand Prix, a fan managed to get hold of a wheel with tyre (if a little flat-spotted) – not sure if he got to keep it – contact him. ;)

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    You could buy rear suspension wishbone from Red Bull, signed by all the drivers..

    And the money goes to a good cause..

    $10,600 Australian dollars is the bid at the moment. Pretty good buy I think

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    Ferrari sell exhausts, and other internal componants on their internet store.

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    My local tyre fitment place used to have a table that was just Karl Wedelinger’s 1993 Sauber left rear tyre with a round sheet of glass over it…I wanted it so much when i was a kid, hell, I’d still have it in my house!!

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    Stefan Kelly

    I have a rim from a Mclaren F1 (road car). The car was going round a high speed ring when a nail on the track tore through the wheel and rim and ended up destroying the car. They sent my dad the wheel for the insurance claim but never asked for it back. One day I’ll turn it into a table like GeeMac metioned.

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    Woo, a nail tore through the wheel and rim ? What kinda nail was that ? And it destroyed the car ? Is ur Dad as insurance assessor ? Yeah exactly the coffee table or just to hang it on my wall is the plan, I read somewhere years ago that there is a Website that sells a lot of used F1 objects. Wings, wheels, drivers glove basically a bit of everything, I just can’t find this site and am cautious it may be fake stuff anyway ………

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    Stefan Kelly

    Yeah, its amazing the damage it did, but it was going top speed which is what? 200 mph? So the nail must have shot out the rubber at quite a speed! It was the fastest road car in the world at the time. Dads a loss adjuster.

    I remember when Toyota pulled out of F1 you could get loads of parts, really fancied a rear wing but didn’t have alot of spare cash at the time :)

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    Dan Thorn


    I’ve noticed a couple of them knocking round on ebay. My girlfriend has given me permission to buy one when we get our own place…

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    I’m sure Goodyear used to sell racing-suit-style boots and trainers with rubber soles made from used F1 tyres.

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    Thats not a ’96 Benetton

    He has a few wheels and other F1 Merchandise on sale, a 2008 Williams rear Wing too

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    @Ratboy it looks like it to me. Just a slightly different livery. But if it isn’t a ’96 Benetton what is it then?

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