Id like to buy a used F1 tyre or wheel. . .

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    @ratboy ah okay i see. I just looked up a picture of a 1996 Benetton and the shape was exactly the same, but you are right it must be a 1998. Though the engine in the car i linked to has a V8, where the 1998 has a V10. Soo.. it may be a 1998 chassis with a 1996 engine fitted? I don’t know, but it seems a bit weird.


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    ’96 Benetton were still Renault V10’s so he’s got a totally wrong engine in it from somewhere.

    also i’d feel quite geeky about knowing this if it werent for the fact its an F1 site haha

    I dont think i’ll place a bid….


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    thanks Calum, anyone got an idea where that goodyear could be from ? i.e. year ? when did goodyear stop- running in F1?


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    @australian your looking pre’97 as after that they were grooved tyres


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    I have a Good Year Eagle F1 tyre in my room dont know much Info on it all I know is that it has MSC on the side and benetton on the inside as a sticker so…. I also have a Ginetta visor from the owner of the company and he signed it but at this test was the legendary Nigel Mansell and he signed it also :)


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    I went to Petit LeMans last year and saw a few vendors that had wheels for sale (not sure what they were from) and I saw some guy loading one into the trunk of his F430, lol. I’m thinking about buying one if I can find one.


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    I have arim from a 1990`s Benetton. I use it as a bin in my garage!


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